August 16, 2021

New YarakuZen feature for sharing documents with anyone - Greater efficiency in communication through AI translation



Yaraku, Inc. (Shibuya, Tokyo, CEO: Suguru Sakanishi) has updated the translation platform "YarakuZen" that integrates features such as AI translation, editing / sharing, and ordering from translation companies (* 1). We have a new YarakuZen company plan for a small number of people, and new features such as document sharing to anyone. With this update, we will promote easier and more efficient introduction to companies with translation needs, and support the conversion of translation work to DX.


■ Overview of new features

  1. New sharing feature

This update includes expansion of the sharing feature that allows any user to share their translated documents with anyone, not just YarakuZen users, while editing them (* 2). For example, it can be used in the following scenarios.

  • When you want to ask someone who is fluent in English to review the result of automatic translation
  • When you want to share documents with an outsourced professional translator or translation company
  • When the client and translator want to share the translated document and jointly make a final confirmation
  • When multiple translators want to work together

The efficiency of translation work that was previously limited to a single person can be greatly improved by collaborating with multiple people such as clients, translators, and co-editors.

Furthermore, the latest version of the co-edited translation data is always saved in the database and reused for machine learning for future translation.


  1. New plan "Starter 3" can be adopted for a small number of people

We now have a new plan option "Starter 3" that can be used by 3 people. Those who are using a free web translation service can now try out a translation tool with robust security at low cost.


YarakuZen will continue to introduce new technological innovations on the translation platform, and provide services that assist companies in reducing costs and improving productivity.


* 1: YarakuZen has Company plans for companies and personal plans for individuals.

Some of the updated features are only available for Company plans.

* 2: People without a YarakuZen account will be asked to create a free account to see and edit the shared document.


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YarakuZen is a translation platform that integrates features such as AI translation, editing / sharing, and ordering for translation companies. It has a simple interface that anyone can use intuitively, high-quality machine translation that is personalized and adjusted to your preferences with machine learning, and robust security.