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AI Translation + You = Growing Translation
The translation process that enhances quality and speeds up with machine translation and post-editing

How YarakuZen Works

YarakuZen: How it Works

YarakuZen automatically incorporates user-saved Phrases and Glossary into the Machine Translation process.
Furthermore, by editing and saving translation, your Phrases and Glossary collection grows. That makes YarakuZen a translation system that learns the more you use it.

top screen of YarakuZen
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1. Start page
Drop the file you want to translate to get started.

YarakuZen's start screen is a minimal Zen-style design.

Machine translation starts after you drop your file and select the desired language.
YarakuZen analyzes sentences one by one, and generates the optimal translated sentence.

parallel view of YarakuZen
match status

If you translate phrases that completely match a phrase you have saved in YarakuZen before, then the saved translation will be displayed.

2. Edit Page
Edit Machine Translation → Download as current state.

Edit your text after it's been machine translated. Then, you can download the translated document as in it's original layout. YarakuZen's machine translation and automatic file processing dramatically improves speed compared to working from scratch.
There are three ways to work: "Edit by yourself", "Order", and "Request from company members".

Edit by yourself:

Translate by referring to example sentences, dictionaries and machine translation on the right panel.

Ask your in-house Translation Manager (Company Plan only)

You can share translated documents with users who are good at foreign languages in your company to translate them.

Order from translation firm (Company Plan only)

You can select only sentences you want to translate, and send estimate requests and orders to translation firms.
(For more details, see the Translation Service page.)

YarakuZen's Growth Model

LSP Diagram

YarakuZen improves with the Company Account.
Sentences can be corrected by other Company users you share to or ordered from a translation provider. When doing so, they will be saved in Company Phrases and used for machine learning of the automatic translation which can be used by all company members. That way, the more you use YarakuZen, the more it will grow thereby improving the productivity of the entire company.

side panel of YarakuZen
match status

3. Document Page
Check translation status at a glance

You can centrally manage past translation documents in the Document page.
There are three types of translation documents, "My Documents", "Company Documents", and "Yaraku Documents".

Company documents allow you to share frequently used translated documents as a template.

My Documents

Documents that you have translated so far. You can also share it with translation managers.

Company Documents (Company Plan only)

These are documents published by a translation manager. You can use them as in-house templates such as for contracts, IR materials, emails and more.

Yaraku Documents

A collection of templates available to all users of YarakuZen. You can use them for general business e-mails, restaurant menu, meeting minutes, and more.

side panel of YarakuZen
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4. Phrases Page
Store edited sentences in Phrases and reuse them.

Modified text can be saved in "Phrases" and used for subsequent Machine Translation.
Phrases has "My Phrases" and "Company Phrases".

My Phrases

These are translation sentences you have edited.

Company Phrases (Company Plan only)

These are translations edited and saved to a Category by a translation manager. They are shared with company members through the Category and have priority of application over My Phrases.

side panel of YarakuZen
match status

5. Glossary Page
Standardize terminology with Glossary

The terms registered are automatically applied in machine translation. By registering internal terms, industry terms, technical terms and other specialized terminology, you can prevent translation fluctuation. This eliminates the need for traditional spreadsheet management and saves you time in searching for terms.
Glossary consists of "My Glossary" and "Company Glossary ".

My Glossary

These are terms that you have registered.

Company Glossary (Company Plan only)

These are terms registered to a Category by a translation manager. They are shared within your company through the Category and have priority over terms in My Glossary.

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