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Machine Translation

1Which languages ​​are supported?

The following 27 languages are available. Japanese, English, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Korean, Indonesian, Thai, Vietnamese, Malay, Tagalog, Hindi, Myanmar, Mongolian, Arabic, Spanish , French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Dutch, Polish, Nepali, Turkish, Bengali, Romanian

2What kinds of files can I upload?

Word (.docx), Excel (.xlsx), and PowerPoint (.pptx) from Microsoft Office 2007 and later along with CSV (.csv), HTML (.html), PDF (.pdf) and TXT (,txt) are supported.

3What are the limits on the number of characters and sizes of files that can be uploaded?

Free Plan: 5,000 characters per file, or up to 45 MB Paid Plan: 50,000 characters per file, or up to 45 MB

4Which translation engines can I use?

You can choose from 4 engines: Google, Microsoft, DeepL, and Kawamura NMT powered by NICT.
・Google: default
・MS: default
・DeepL: Separate DeepL Pro account required (see No. 11)
・Kawamura NMT powered by NICT: paid option (General, Patent, Finance)

5Can I change the translation engine?

Selection can be changed. You can change settings by using the setting icon on the right of the translation language button.

6Why is YarakuZen's machine translation different from Google Translate?

YarakuZen's machine translation is customized with your Phrases and Glossary.

7Are there any differences in the quality of machine translation for the Free Plan, Premium Plan, and Company Plan?

No. The translation quality will be improved as you edit translations and save them.

8Is there any limit on usage (number of characters) per month?


9Can I translate website URLs?

You cannot translate using the website URL; however, you can save the website as a HTML file and use that for translation.

10Can I translate characters in images from PDF files?

You cannot. Only text in PDF is supported.


1What is My Documents?

My Documents contains the Documents you have created. Documents are automatically saved to My Documents when you start machine translation. For details, refer to the Feature page.

2What is Company Documents?

Company Documents contains all Documents shared with your company through Categories. Only Translation Managers can save and edit Company Documents. For details, refer to Feature page.

3How do I use Company Documents?

Click the "Use Document" button at the top of the Company Document, to copy the selected document to My Documents.

4What is Yaraku Documents?

This is a collection of general templates provided by Yaraku. You can make convenient use of the template by selecting it, and modifying/adding only necessary portions. For details, refer to Feature page.

5How do I use Yaraku Documents?

Select the Yaraku document you want to copy. Click on the "Use Template" button at the top of the Yaraku document and it will be copied to My Documents.

6Do you automatically adjust the font size of translated documents?

It will not. Download the translation file while keeping the original text as it is. Please edit the download file directly.

7What is Phrases?

A database to save and utilize each sentence for future translation. For details, refer to Feature page.

8Where does the data of Yaraku Phrases come from?

A collection of various data sourced by Yaraku.

9If I save a phrase from English to Japanese,  does it apply for Japanese to English as well?

No. Phrases are not bidirectional. They will only apply in one direction and will not be mixed with machine translation.

10Can Phrases or Glossary be imported or exported ?

Only available for Translation Managers with Company Plan.

11Is there anything to keep in mind when creating a file to import?

Add the language code to the first column and save with UTF- 8 encoding.

12When importing, is it alright to have many sheets ?

No, please use only one sheet.

13How many characters can I import at once for CSV files?

There is no limit to the number of characters, but the file size can only be up to 48 MB and be less than 8,000 lines.

14If we register a Glossary term during translation editing, will other translations be affected?

Translations registered in the side panel during editing are reflected in the rest of the document after a few seconds. On the other hand, it will not be applied for previous translation documents.

15Does Glossary distinguish between uppercase and lowercase letters?

Yes, it will. Saving is case-sensitive so entries with different capitalization will be saved as separate entries.

16I would like to register more the same term multiple times in Glossary ...

With the Category function of Company Plan, you can register the same Glossary in multiple Categories.

17How do I share Documents, Phrases, and Glossary with members of my company account?

Only available for Translation Managers with Company Plan. For more information, please refer to our help panel using the (?) at the upper right corner.

18Can a Translation Manager of the company account collect other users' Glossary and Phrases and register them as Company Glossary or Company Phrases?

Users cannot view each others' Glossary or Phrases.

19After deleting Glossary terms or Phrases, the total number is not changed on the company setting screen. Why?

The number of Documents, Phrases, and Glossary shown in the Company screen are updated once a day (usually late night). Please check the upper right hand corner of the Company screen for the Last Update Date.

20What is Dictionary?

Dictionaries have data useful for reference when working on a translation. The data is not used in machine translation.

21Is it necessary to add the Genius Dictionary as an option even for Translation Managers?

The Genius Dictionary is equipped as standard for Translation Managers. Other users can enable it as an option. For details, please refer to the Integration page.


1What is professional translation?

Translated by a Yaraku Coordinator. Best for high volume translation, or when translating documents not suitable for Crowd Translation, such as texts with specialized terminology like legal or medical documents.

2What is Crowd Translation?

Translators from all over the world that are registered in the Crowd translation service will work on the text. There are 2 grades of translator, with each grade having a different pricing. Please confirm the details on the order screen

3What if there is a missing translation or misinterpretation in Crowd translation?

For Crowd translation, missing or mistranslated sentences can be sent for re-translation up to 72 hours after the translation job is completed.

4What should I do if after waiting 2 days, the Crowd translation result has still not been received?

If a translator cannot be found 48 hours after ordering, Yaraku will contact you by email. To find translators more easily, first order translations for English, then order the English translations in other languages.

5Can I cancel my translation request?

We apologize for the inconvenience, but Crowd Translation and Professional Translation orders cannot be canceled after ordering. Thank you for your understanding.

6Which plan should I use to order high-quality translations such as contracts?

When translating contracts, we recommend using "professional translation".Three professional translators work for your order, offering higher quality than other translation plans.The process of professional translation is as follows: Order on YarakuZen → ① Translation Coordinator will assign a translator → ② Translation by primary translator → ③ Proofreading by checker → ④ Coordinator double checks → delivered in YarakuZen

7How do I pay when ordering translations with YarakuZen?

Credit card, PayPal, and bank transfer (for Company Plan only) are available.

8Is it possible to issue a quotation?

It can do it. Click the "Get Quote" link at the bottom of the translation order display on the side panel.

9Can I get issued a receipt?

It can do it. The confirmation mail issued for the translation request can be used as a receipt. The name of the account will be included in the receipt.

Account settings

1Must my YarakuZen ID be an email address?

Yes. You cannot share your account, so please register with your personal email address.

2Can any PC be used with my user account?

You can log in to use YarakuZen from any compatible browser.

3Can I change the registered email address to another address?

It can do it. Change email address on the "Settings" page in YarakuZen.

4How do I change my password?

You can change it with "Settings" → "Change password".

5What if I forget my password?

Click "Forgot your password?" on the login screen, enter the registered email address and click "Send new password". A new password will be sent by e-mail.

6How can I upgrade from the Free Plan to the Premium Plan?

You can change it by selecting "Premium Plan" from "Settings" → "Account Information".

7How can I downgrade from the Premium Plan to the Free Plan?

You can change it by selecting "Free Plan" from "Settings" → "Account information".

8How can I cancel my Free Plan account?

Please click "Disable account" from "Settings" → "Account information". This allows you to delete or cancel your account

Company Plan

1What is the Company Plan?

Company Plan is a usage plan for multiple users that allows for sharing of translation data and management of translation projects. For more information, please refer to our Company Plan page.

2How can I increase the registered user limit?

Please contact us.

3How do I change the Administrator User ?

You can change the Admin User in "Settings" → "Company".

4Will the Admin User manage company users (addition, deletion, role change, etc.) every time?

Yes, it is. To change user accounts in the company, the Admin User should use the Add/Delete User button It can found in "Settings" → "Company" → "Users".

5I want to send an new member invitation email in English.

If you change the language setting of the Admin User to "English" and send an invitation email, the invitation will be in English.

6How many concurrently online users do you have?

The maximum number of users for a contract account is limited. (Example: Starter plan → 5 people)

7What payment methods are available to start using ?

An invoice can be sent for payment. Since it is a year-long contract, the annual fee will be charged in the first month.

8What will happen to the translation order cost?

There are three payment methods when using ordering translation. ① Credit card or PayPal will be charged with each order.(Invoice will not be issued)② Purchase credit in advance and deduct for orders. ③ Issue an invoice for payment at the end of the month after calculating usage for the current month.

9What is the contract length of Company Plan?

Only for annual contracts.

10How do I renew my contract?

Since it is automatically updated, special procedures are not necessary.

11How can I cancel my contract?

Please contact us.

12How do I change / add users?

Only the Admin User can add or delete users from the Company. Add users by clicking on "Add user" and entering the email address.

13Can I upgrade my plan after signing up?

The plan can be changed during usage.(Upgrade only) In that case, we will charge the difference between the current plan and the upgraded plan multiplied by the remaining number of months in the contract.

14Can we contract in the middle of the month?

It can be done. The amount charged for the current month will be calculated on a daily rate.

15How do I request a contract after my trial finishes?

At the end of your trial, please fill in and submit (with seal affixed) the "YarakuZen Application Form". The account will be effective from the day of submission at the fastest. After activation, a bill will be spent. Payment is due by the end of the following month.

16Can I use any email domain with a Company Account?

Yes, that's ok. For account creation, the domain of the email address is not restricted.

17Is a contract for all our company members to use YarakuZen possible?

It is possible. There are cases of company-wide introduction (with more than 10,000 users).

18Will the trial account automatically upgrade to contract?

It will not. Separately, a signed contract is required. If you do not agree, the account will be frozen.

19What is the difference between a trial account and a contracted account?

No. After contracting, the trial account will be carried over.

20Can we keep data saved during the trial period after contracting?

It can be done.


1Is it possible for my translation data to be leaked or shared with other users by accident?

No. Database is separated by user, so you can only refer to your own data.

2How is YarakuZen's security?

Please refer to our Security page.

3Can I integrate it with a private cloud or on-premise setup?

It can do it. For details, please contact us from the inquiry page.

4Can you sign an NDA (Confidentiality Agreement)?

Yes, we can. (Company Plan only)

5Has any vulnerability testing been done?

Yes, we do. For details, please refer to Security page.

6Can I restrict access by IP address?

It can be done. (Paid option)

7Is it possible for my edited data to be leaked or shared with other users by accident?

No. Translation data is managed separately for each user.

8What is YarakuZen's privacy policy?

Please check our Privacy page.

9What are the confidentiality conditions of translation orders?

All translators have a confidentiality agreement. For professional translation, only a limited number of people(coordinator, translator, checker) have access; however, Crowd translation is open to an unspecified number of translators. Therefore, in the case of highly confidential documents, we recommend using professional translation.


1I am a personal account user. Can I ask support questions?

Please refer to this FAQ or check the help (?) panel in the upper right of the application. (Not supported for Personal Plan, please take note.)

2I am a Company Plan user, what should I do if I have a question?

Please refer to this FAQ or see the help (?) In the right end of the application. Please contact your person-in-charge if you are ab Admin User or Translation Manager.

3I am a Company Plan user, can you give a demonstration?

We can present a demo of the company plan. Please contact your person-in-charge if you are an Admin User or Translation Manager.


1What browsers are supported?

Following browsers supported: Chrome, FireFox, Safari, Internet Explorer 11, and Edge (latest version).

2What languages are available?

There are 3 languages available: Japanese, English and Chinese.

3How do I change the language?

You can select the language from "Settings" → "My Account" → "Settings" on in the menu on the left side of the screen. (Japanese, English and Chinese are supported)

4Can I connect to the API?

Possible. (Paid) Please contact us using the contact page.

5What times can I use YarakuZen?

24 hours 365 days. However, due to regular maintenance, there will be downtime of 1 to 2 hours once every 2 to 3 months (usually at 9:00 AM on Saturdays and Sundays JST).

6How do I receive update information?

Under "Settings" --> "Account Information" please check "Subscribe to receive news"

7Where can I check the Terms of Service?

Please refer to the Terms of Service page.

8How do I use the YarakuZen WordPress plugin?

It is an option included in company plan. Please contact us.

9Can I use YarakuZen on my smartphone?

You cannot. Screen size of your device: 768px or more.

10How much does YarakuZen cost?

Please refer to our Price Plan page.

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