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Case Study

YarakuZen works everywhere

from a translation team to an entire company,
and from Manufacuturing to EC, IT, and inbound industries.

Excellent and Reliant Translation Tool for our Company

Translate PowerPoint by keeping Layouts

Localization became increasingly exciting

Build cycle of Cost Reduction

Over 50% Translation Cost Reduction with YarakuZen

An effective Translation Solution for Customer Support for Foreigners

A Tool indispensable for Cross-border EC Multilingualization

Use YarakuZen for Translation related to Premium Outlets

YarakuZen Improves over 30% Efficiency within our Company

"Become possible to translate into 3 Languages within 24 Hours"

Translation Support Tool indispensable for Web Production

Our Products Gain high Credibility due to High Translation Accuracy of YarakuZen

Only YarakuZen can use of it for a long time considering cost and speed feeling

Expect for the Use in Immediate Transmission Devices such as SNS

Apply versatile YarakuZen translation API to various Services