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Security of YarakuZen

In YarakuZen, we build our information management system
and available services with great care to ensure your business runs smoother.

Data Management

The information stored in YarakuZen is managed to secure the customer’s privacy.

  • We manage translation data separately for each customer. The database cannot be accessed or altered by third parties. Within the company, only authorized employees can access the databases, and only for the purpose of system maintenance and/or troubleshooting.
  • We do not disclose any data that belongs to users, except in special cases, where the customer gives us consent, or we are required to do so by law.
  • Data in the database is always backed up. Should you lose data through human error, we can restore any data in the system within 14 days.
  • Sensitive data such as passwords are encrypted in our database.

Data Center

    YarakuZen is hosted in Amazon Web Services (AWS) Data Center.
  • AWS servers are based in AWS Data Centers; each with independent power supply, climate control and a separate network environment. In the case that a center is unavailable, the server will automatically be switched to another standby server, and the service will remain online.
  • AWS Data Centers have their own Site Security, Disaster Prevention measures and Risk Management.
  • For more details regarding Amazon Web Services, please refer to AWS Security Center and AWS Data Center Controls


  • All communication in YarakuZen use SSL* and is encrypted. A third party cannot confirm or modify the contents.
  • * Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is commonly used for online settlement on web pages and other functions. It encrypts your data to prevent it from being stolen or modified.
  • Vulnerability Testing is conducted periodically to ensure our system is secure.
  • System Monitoring is active 24/7 to detect any abnormalities (System Ping, Disk usage, Memory, and CPU are tracked).
  • Our system is behind a firewall to protect against unauthorized access and other security concerns.

Countermeasures and Prevention

  • YarakuZen takes various measures to protect against hacking of the server and the database by means such as: SQL injection, cross site scripting, OS command injection, HTTP header injection, session hijacking, etc.
  • Additional controls like IP Address restriction, and Password restrictions are available for user accounts.