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Translation Support Tool indispensable for Web Production

TaneCreative Co., Ltd.
TaneCreative Co., Ltd.
Web Strategy · Innovation
Computer-assisted Translation
Introduction Purpose
Improve efficiency of website translation work
To manage translation for each case
Introduction Effect
Translation Work becomes Efficient, Productivity improves, Cost is reduced
Reference Plan
YarakuZen Company Plan

Small & Elite Web Design Team

TaneCREATIVE Corporation that develops high-quality web strategy and innovation business embedded in local communities. We settle offices in Tokyo and Sado Island and plan to develop to other regional cities in the future. The characteristic of taneCREATIVE is that we have consistently carried out "reverse strategy", such as using Furuyashiki as the working space since the Edo period, interactive web production using adopted 3D modeling software at other companies, etc. In recent years, regional development and utilization of local resources become popular, so we can keep an eye on the advanced strategy that we conduct.

Translation Efficiency is Indispensable for Web Production

"In our company, the web production team and the translation team are working in separate places. The former is in Tokyo and the latter is on Sado Island in Niigata prefecture, so it is indispensable to have a translation management tool that can be used remotely, With Web production projects, when there is a translation work of texts on the Web, there is no progress in translation efficiency unless there is a database for each case. Initially we tried to make our own database, but it was harder than we thought. At this moment, we found YarakuZen. "

Determinant is "High Translation Quality"

"Since our company is a community-based production company, there are local independent administrative corporations and sightseeing associations, etc. The subsidiary Ed Pong also has a restaurant website for foreigners called "Tokyo Restaurant Guide ". Our innovation business including articles has received high evaluation and it was a requisite to use the tool which can ensure the quality of translation. While we tested a few machine translation services yet felt dissatisfied with them, we discovered the high quality of translation of YarakuZen and decided to introduce YarakuZen.

TaneCreative Co., Ltd.

Correction requests and complaints from clients are drastically reduced

"First of all, we utilize machine translation and assign the work to the persons in charge and then ask foreign translators to double-check. Moreover, we can also order human translation from the same screen as machine translation, when we do not desire to input too many human resources. It is quite charming that there are flexible methods to use YarakuZen according to the circumstances. In addition to YarakuZen machine translation and human translation, since we can back up the translation data, there is no disparency of expressions in each translation. This is extremely crucial for innovative companies like us that the efficiency of translation greatly improves and the requests of revision are drastically reduced."

Productive for Translation Minor Languages

"Sometimes clients have additional requests for translations into other languages. Especially in Niigata Prefecture where there is a deep relationship with Russia, requests for translation into Russian are quite commonplace. Translation of minor languages is costly, but YarakuZen allows us to order translation into minor languages at the same price with other common languages. We will continue to improve the efficiency of the translation work in response to the needs of foreign visitors. "