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Plans & Pricing

Select the plan that matches your business.

Check out our plan comparison table (PDF).

For Business Persons For Semi-Pro Translators
Free Premium
Free 12.80
Use the basic functions
of YarakuZen
for free.
per month for a 1 year subscription.
For a month subscription,
the price is $ 15.40.
1,000 Phrase Entries
10 Glossary Entries
10,000 Phrase Entries
100 Glossary Entries
Start Now Upgrade

The prices do not include tax. We don’t provide any support for personal plan. For inquiry on how-to-use, please check the FAQ or Help on the right side in App.

Monthly usage fee

For Evaluation For SME / Department
Starter Small Medium Large Extra Large
Members: 5
Translation Managers : 1
Members: 15
Translation Managers : 3
Members: 30
Translation Managers : 5
Members: 100
Translation Managers : 10
Members: 300
Translation Managers : 20
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Monthly Data Fee
Free 100/month 200/month 300/month
Unlimited Company + My Documents
100,000 Company + My Phrases
1,000 Company + My Glossary
Unlimited Company + My Documents
300,000 Company + My Phrases
3,000 Company + My Glossary
Unlimited Company + My Documents
500,000 Company + My Phrases
5,000 Company + My Glossary
Unlimited Company + My Documents
1,000,000 Company + My Phrases
10,000 Company + My Glossary

Initial cost: $ 1000 (common to all company plans)

Additional Translation Manager: $ 40

1 year contract only. The prices do not include tax.

More advanced, more secure.
Enterprise plan for large scale integration.

The enterprise plan is for large organizations and large-scale projects.
Both Basic and Company functions, customization of functions, and various server options are available.
Costs will be an estimation.

Large scale integration
For more than 300 users

Functions & Translation Engines

Server Options
Private cloud etc.


Features and Options in Company Plan

Company Plan is for small-medium enterprises.
In addition to basic functions, you get access to company functions to accelerate system growth.
Various options for integration and security are also available.

All Functions and Options of Company Plan

  • Machine Translation : Up to 50,000 words
  • My Documents
  • My Phrases
  • My Glossary
  • My Wallet
  • Translation Order
  • Company Documents
  • Company Phrase
  • Company Glossary
  • Company Wallet
  • Translation Manager
  • Document Sharing
  • Import-Export function
  • Invoice Payment
  • User Support
  • Special Machine Translation Engine
  • API
  • WordPress Plugin
  • Concrete 5 Plugin
  • SSO (ADFS / Google)
  • Dictionary
  • Email domain restriction
  • Password strength setting
  • IP address restriction
  • Automated document deletion

* Paid option. Please ask for a quote.

Translation Order Pricing

The price changes based on the volume.
Chose: "Professional Translation" with translation coordinators management or "Crowd Translation" utilizing crowdsourced translation

Professional Translation

Handled by translation coordinators. A translation coordinator manages your project and appoints the most suitable translator.
The quality is consistent and the delivery date is guaranteed, but the price will be higher. Recommended for external use, such as for customers.

  Examples of use Per unit *
Japanese, Korean, Chinese
(per character)
English and other languages
(per word)
Professional Websites, manuals, etc. $ 0.15 $ 0.20

*1 Additional costs may be applied when requesting translation to many languages, reworking of the layout or design, quick delivery, etc.

Crowd Translation

Crowdsourcing to multiple translators. The cost is low and work speed is fast. On the other hand, there are differences in consistency and delivery date is not guaranteed.
Recommended for internal use, understanding the contents, or when post-editing is possible.

  Examples of use Translator level Per unit
Japanese, Korean, Chinese
(per character)
English and other languages
(per word)
Business Business documents, reports, manuals, etc. High $ 0.10 $ 0.18
Standard Emails, e-commerce data, etc. Intermediate $ 0.06 $ 0.10

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