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An effective Translation Solution for Customer Support for Foreigners

Komehyo Co., Ltd.
Komehyo Co., Ltd.
Customer Support in E-commerce Website
Introduction Purpose
Increase customer support efficiency
Cutting cost of translation
Introduction Effect
Increasing overseas revenue ratio
Reference Plan
YarakuZen Company Plan

One of the largest recycling shop in Japan

The primary distribution method called "consumption type" in which manufacturers produce goods and directly deliver them to the consumers was mainstream; however, as the environmental issue became a global problem around the world, the second method called "recycling (reuse)" induces the larger benefits and market scale. In recent years, with the trend of inbound business, the culture of recycling become conspicuous. Komehyo, carrying forward the culture, operates the largest recycling stores in Japan and correspond to the actual needs of consumers in both stores and online.

Expanding North America

"In September 2015, we opened a store in a North-America-oriented site on e-bay, which is the worlds largest auction website. ". Komehyo mainly deals with second-hand brand goods and the unit price is as high as from ¥10,000 to ¥800,000, but consumers in North America mostly live by email without asking for telephone interaction. In addition, since the pattern of inquiry such as "What time will it be delivered?" is often determined, we introduced YarakuZen as thinking that it is effective to translate examples of answers in English and register in advance. Although machine translation has become more commonplace than before, there is no other translation solution to reach the one-stop service. (Senior Manager Tsuyoshi Nakami of Komehyo IT Department)

Komehyo Co., Ltd.

Anybody can use

"A total of 20 staff of domestic call centers concurrently serve as the customer support for eBay. Almost all of them are the housewives who are 30-40 years old female and poor in English. However, the requirement of English skill at work is restricted. Since there is no need to force them to learn English just for responding to emails, YarakuZen becomes a very effective tool for customer support. The machine translation absorbs and shows all terms and phrases that are adaptable to their work, so the staff was able to cross the language barrier. If you want professional translators to translate the documents, you can do it easily from the same screen. "

Increasing sales in North American

"In the North American version of eBay, we have received orders that far exceed 100 per month and the effect of customer support leads to an increase in overseas revenue ratio. Meanwhile, the number of inquiries has also increased, but due to the learning functionality of YarakuZen, it is not so difficult as before to respond those emails. We desire to increase the oversea sales of EC (e-commerce) from 40 to 5 billion on the same economic scale as in Japan in the next 3 years. "