Translation is simple with YarakuZen.
A Translation Platform that lets you do AI Translation, Editing, Sharing, and Ordering to Translation Firms

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33言語 8種類のファイル翻訳 翻訳文の編集 共有 翻訳の発注 単語フレーズ登録 カテゴリ分け YarakuZenのロゴ

Three advantages of YarakuZen

Equipped with multiple AI translation engines as standard

A variety of translation engines available

Comes standard with multiple machine translation engines such as ChatGPT and Google Translate. Different translation engines can be used depending on the translation content.
Improve the quality with machine translation + post-editing. The more you use it, the more YarakuZen will grow, and the more accurate your translation will be.

Strong security, with options to enhance security further

A safe and secure system

YarakuZen individually manages translation data for each account. Data will not be shared to other users or companies.
Also, there are no limits on translation usage so you can use as much as you need for a fixed fee.

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Success Stories

From manufacturers (automotive, electronics), to inbound sales, IT/EC, etc. YarakuZen has been introduced in more than 1,000 companies and is used by all kinds of industries and departments.

MORESCO Corporation case study MORESCO Corporation

Translations that took 3-4 days can now be completed in just a few hours. YarakuZen, with its' large number of languages, can handle any increase in overseas suppliers.

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Tachi-S Corporation case study Tachi-S Corporation

Responding to the needs of "translation of emails" and "translation of presentation materials" that are exchanged daily with overseas staff. Can correctly translate proper nouns such as department names.

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Abe Nikko Industry Co., Ltd. case study Abe Nikko Industry Co., Ltd.

YarakuZen supports overseas business development. Expatriates outside Japan can also use the YarakuZen for translation work.

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Information on useful resources related to machine translation

Introduction of YarakuZen

Introduction of YarakuZen

This document introduces YarakuZen's features, usage, and fee plans. You can also refer to the comparison chart with DeepL Pro.

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