May 29, 2021

v3.7.0 Update

We released a new version (v3.7.0) of our application.

【New Features】
  1. Segment number display 
  2. Comment delete function added 
  3. Revision history 
  4. Company admin can change user's email address and name
  5. Five languages added to "Kawamura NMT powered by NICT"
  6. User Guide available in Help Panel

1. Segment number display

Segment numbers are now shown in the Parallel view. 
If you're editing a long document, or sharing a document for translation with other users, having the segment numbers is useful. The segment numbers can be toggled to Show All or Show Selected by clicking on any number. 

2. Comment delete function added

The Comment function was added in the February update. 
As an additional feature, you can now delete comments. 

3. Revision history
The edits to each segment will be shown in the Revision history section. 
You can restore a previous revision by clicking the left (←) . 
4. Company admin can edit members 
Company admins can now edit company users email address and username in the Members page. 
5. Five languages added to "Kawamura NMT powered by NICT"
Five new languages were added to "Kawamura NMT powered by NICT".
Take this chance to experience translations of high quality.


Supported Languages (Newly added languages are listed in red)


If you would like to request a free trial, please contact us at support@yaraku.com.

6. User Guide available in Help Panel 
The Yarakuzen User Guide is available for download from the Help Panel. 
If you want to know more about features in YarakuZen like phrases / terms registration, usage, and functions, you can refer to the User Guide.