February 27, 2021

New Service

Quality and Security guaranteed.
Reduce translation costs by up to 90%.
Translation Order DX Service
Post-Edit Marketplace for translation agencies specializing
in after-translation editing

This service has began after the February 27th update!



In recent years globalization has expanded the need for translation, but the recent Covid19 climate has made it a major challenge for companies to reduce costs.
We are pleased to announce that the translation ordering feature of YarakuZen has been upgraded into a 
"Post-Edit Marketplace for translation agencies!"
This marketplace allows you to place a post-editing order with an established translation company after you upload a document for machine translation in YarakuZen. Increase speed by up to 70% and reduce costs by up to 90% while maintaining professional quality compared to the traditional process of translating from scratch.




5 features of YarakuZen's Post-Edit Marketplace


Matching the translation process & translators to your desired quality, budget and deadline. The quality of translation is ensured.

Unlike traditional services from other companies, YarakuZen's Post-Edit Marketplace allows users to find a translation company that will customize the translation process, translator assignment and project management to meet the users' needs. By adjusting the translation process and translators to match the required quality and budget, you can prevent variations in translation and ensure consistent quality.

Highly secure system + reliable translation companies

YarakuZen has a robust system design that has passed the security checks of major companies to ensure a high level of security. In addition, post-editing is done by translation companies that have obtained ISO, ISMS and Privacy Mark certifications. Only translators who have passed a background check and signed an NDA are allowed to translate, and data management is strictly enforced throughout the process. Therefore, you can order translation without worrying about data leakage.

「Machine translation + Editing」 for high speed, high quality, and low cost

Machine translation has improved in quality due to recent breakthroughs in applied AI. Post-editing using machine translation significantly increases productivity. The result is increased speed and reduced costs while maintaining professional quality.

Reduce order volume by ordering by sentence instead of by document

The ordering system at YarakuZen allows ordering by "sentence unit" rather than having to order the entire document. You can significantly reduce your translation costs by ordering sentences without good machine translation sentences, while leaving out short sentences that do not require editing, duplicate sentences, and sentences that have been translated in the past.

Digital Transformation (DX) of all processes for ordering translations

By placing an order on YarakuZen, all the necessary steps for placing a translation order, such as obtaining a quotation, sending the document, submitting the translation data, accepting the offer, and managing payment, can be done online. As a result, the ordering process that used to take a lot of time and man-hours are reduced.

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