February 09, 2023

Machine translation platform YarakuZen has been updated to Ver. 4.5.0. - Available from February 25th -


YarakuZen update ver 4.5.0.

We are pleased to announce that YarakuZen, the machine translation platform that  increases productivity with collaboration of AI and human, provided by Yaraku, Inc. has been updated to Ver. 4.5.0, with new features and languages, as well as an improved and more convenient interface. The engine, languages and new features will be available from February 25th.

1. Search through previously translated documents with the search panel

Use any text to search through previously translated documents and display the concordance for reference. Up to 5 reference texts are displayed. Click ▼ to display other reference.

YarakuZen text match search

2. Add a term by highlighting

When you highlight text, a Glossary icon appears next to the Google and Wikipedia icons. Click the Glossary icon to open the "Add an entry to the Glossary" section in the upper right corner of the edit page. Glossary registration will be more efficient.

YarakuZen Glossary registration

3. Side panel design improved

The design for displaying sections in the right-side panel has been improved.

YarakuZen side panel

Language selection button is added in the search bar so that you can set a search language. With this update, you will be able to search for Phrases, Glossary, and dictionaries in the language you want by selecting the language in advance on the right side of the search bar.

YarakuZen side panel search

4. Members page modified

The current Members page will be divided into a "Members page" and a "Insights page".

On the Members page, a search criteria function has been added, allowing users to filter their search by role or account status. The Insights page now has Export Members function, which allows users to export the data by role, item and date range.

5. New Languages added

Sinhala is added to Google Translate and Yaraku Translate (β). Nepali, Burmese, and Mongolian are added to Microsoft Translator, and Ukrainian and Korean are added to other translation engines.

6.Kawamura NMT "Science" engine added

A new engine, "Science," suitable for translating biomedical articles, has been added to Kawamura NMT powered by NICT.