August 19, 2022

Machine Translation platform "YarakuZen" has been updated with new features, available from August 27th - Indonesian, Romanian, Turkish, Mongolian, Nepali are now available -


We are pleased to announce that YarakuZen, the machine translation platform that  increases productivity with collabollation of AI and human, provided by Yaraku, Inc. has been updated to Ver. 4.3.0, with some new features.

YarakuZen is updated, ver 4.3.0

New languages are now available for NICT General, and a non-translate (no translation required) icon and etc. have been added for smoother automatic translation process.

Major new features of the machine translation platform YarakuZen

1. New languages added: Indonesian, Romanian, Turkish
2.New languages added to NICT General: Mongolian, Nepali
3.Non-translate icon added
Currently, if you want a segment's translation to be the same as the source text, you have to manually copy the source and paste it in the target segment. With this update, the source text will be applied with a single click.


Do not translate this segment icon

4. Auto-saving edited source text
Currently, if the source text is edited, the changes must be saved by pressing Enter; but with this update, it will be automatically saved after every edit. This prevents the source text from being reverted back to the if you forgot to save it after revising.

(Update target text -> press Enter key or click [Re-Translate] button)

5. Setting to display Estimate and Order tabs for Translation Manager accounts only
Currently, the setting to show/hide the Estimate and Order tabs affects all your company users, but with this update, the setting will be also available for the Translation Manager only. This setting will help if you want to limit the Order function to only Translation Managers.

6. Comments can be modified
You will be able to modify your comments by clicking on the pencil icon. The modified comment will be appended with "(edited)".

Modify comments

7. Show password expiration date
If your company has set passwords to be regularly changed (paid option), the next expiration date for your password will be shown in the "My Account -Settings" page under "Password".


password expiration date

8. Comments notification email will be sent 5 mins later
Currently, a notification email is sent immediately after a comment is added, but starting with this update, a notification email will be sent 5 minutes after a comment is created. (If multiple comments are added within 5 minutes, they will be consolidated into a single email.)