January 14, 2022

【News Release】Post-edit Marketplace, a gathering place for translation agencies, is enlarging its scale - SJK International has become a new member -

Yaraku, Inc. (Shibuya, Tokyo, CEO: Suguru Sakanishi) , a provider of online translation tool "YarakuZen", announced that SJK International (Location: Shibuya, Tokyo, CEO: Hanako Izawa) has joined their Translation Marketplace specializing in “post-editing”.

■ The industry's only Marketplace for post-edit (hereinafter referred to as "Marketplace")

In the Marketplace operated by Yaraku, Inc., after getting translation results from AI translation, users can get quotes and place orders for post-editing from translation agencies in the Marketplace through an easy-to-use process. 

The Marketplace enhances the utility of AI translation, allows for speed from order to delivery to be increased by up to 70% and the cost to be reduced by up to 90%.

Six companies are participating in the Marketplace, allowing users to choose a  translation services that best meets their needs. Translation agencies to benefit from participating in Marketplace, such as finding new customers and gaining know-how in post-editing.


<What is post-editing?>

Post-editing refers to the process in which a professional translator edits the output from AI translation. By utilizing post-editing methods, the speed of delivery can be greatly improved while maintaining the quality of the translation, and the cost of translation can also be reduced. As the accuracy of AI translation has significantly improved in recent years, post-edit is attracting attention as a new option for the translation process. 

Also, post-editing has recommended and non-recommended types of documents due to its process traits. It is suitable for the kinds of documents where the effects of machine learning effects are easily seen, for instance, large-scale translation projects of more than 100,000 words.


Recommended and non-recommended document types for post-editing

SJK International, which specializes in financial and legal translations, has joined the Marketplace. The company deals with translations of documents in the areas of finance, legal, investor relations and public relations, manuals and technical materials, websites, pharmaceuticals, academic articles, patents, and video subtitles in over ninety languages. With their participation, the Marketplace will be more diverse and better able to meet the translation needs of a variety of customers.


【About SJK International】

SJK International is a translation agency that provides professional translations in over 90 languages. Their strengths lie in providing proper service at reasonable prices considering customers’ needs. Also the services cover a wide range of fields as described above, including financial, legal, investor relations, public relations, manuals and technical material, websites, pharmaceuticals, academic articles, patent translation, and video subtitles.


Translation agencies in this Marketplace

● SJK International

SJK International has a large number of clients across Japan and overseas and supports the success of international business and research with high-quality multilingual translations specialized in their fields.

● Kawamura International 

Kawamura International is a pioneer in machine translation services, having been one of the first agencies to offer post-editing services in Japan.

● Honyaku Center Inc.

Honyaku Center Inc. is one of the largest industrial translation service companies in Japan.

● Human Science Co., Ltd.

Human Science Co., Ltd. has translated more than 17,000 documents for Apple, Microsoft, Mitsubishi Electric, and other companies in the IT, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and medical fields.

● INF Inc.

INF Inc. is a translation company with more than 30 years of experience in industrial translation. The company is located in Aichi Prefecture, the No. 1 manufacturing city in Japan.

● Mie Translation Services Co.,Ltd.

Mie Translation Services Co.,Ltd. is a translation company specializing in Chinese from Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China. The company holds a group of Chinese specialists based in Taipei.


 New agency members wanted!

Yaraku, Inc. plans to further expand the Marketplace in the future. The company aims to further expand this marketplace and develop services that meet more diverse needs.