April 25, 2022

Taiwan-based Mie Translation Services participates in the Post-edit Marketplace, a gathering place for translation agencies - YarakuZen now supports various locales of Chinese used in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China -

Yaraku, Inc. (Shibuya, Tokyo, CEO: Suguru Sakanishi) , a provider of online translation tool "YarakuZen", announced that Mie Translation Services Co.,Ltd. (Location: Taipei, Taiwan, CEO: Mieko Murai) has joined their Translation Marketplace specializing in “post-editing”.


■ Background to the participation of the Mie Translation Services, which has specialized knowledge of Chinese translation

Chinese is the most widely spoken language in the world. On the other hand, it is said to be a difficult language to learn due to the large number of Chinese characters, differences in expressions depending on the region, and the change in meaning depending on the tone of pronunciation. It is clear that the demand for Chinese translation is high, especially in Japan, but specialized knowledge of Chinese translation is essential to realize a translation that appeals to readers.

Mie Translation Services, which is joining the Marketplace of Yaraku, Inc., has the advantage of Chinese translation suitable for the regions of Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China. With their participation, the Marketplace has become able to meet the huge and diverse demand for Chinese translation.


About Mie Translation Services Co.,Ltd.

Mie Translation Services is a translation company specializing in Chinese based in Taipei. They specialize in the Chinese used in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, and translate using simplified and traditional Chinese according to the target region and readers, and purpose of the document.

The company has a lot of experience in manuals, user guides, specifications, etc. of Japanese companies operating in Greater China. They also cover translation of a wide range of industries and fields, such as new product explanations in the apparel industry, in-house education manuals, and portal sites for the travel and tourism industry.

By collaborating with the company which is also capable of handling creative translations that require highly difficult techniques, we will be able to provide YarakuZen users with the most suitable translations for their purposes and readers.

【Comments by Mieko Murai, CEO of Mie Translation Services】
By participating in the AI hybrid translation market, we are very much looking forward to shortening the delivery time to our customers. In addition, to ensure quality, we would like to put more effort into developing post-editing human resources for Chinese translation.


 "Post-Edit" Marketplace, a new translation service that utilizes machine translation

After performing machine translation on the online platform "YarakuZen", the users can get a quote for post-editing (*) and place an order with the companies in the Marketplace. By making the best use of machine translation, users can speed up the process from ordering to delivery and significantly reduce costs. As of April 2022, six translation companies have participated.


*What is post-editing?

Post-editing refers to the process in which a professional translator edits the output from machine translation engines.

By using machine translation, which learns through deep learning and continues to improve its accuracy, to create a rough translation and then have a professional translator edit and revise it, it is possible to cut costs by up to 90% and increase translation speed by up to 70% while maintaining the quality of the translation.


■ Expand to the scale of ten major translation companies by the end of June 2022

The Marketplace will continue to expand its scale with the aim of providing services that meet the diverse needs of users. We are planning to have more translation companies in the future, expecting to have ten companies by the end of June 2022.

Companies participating in the Marketplace have the advantage of cultivating new customers and acquiring post-editing know-how.  We are also looking for more companies' participation in the Marketplace.


■ Translation agencies in this Marketplace

Mie Translation Services Co.,Ltd.
Mie Translation Services Co.,Ltd.is a translation company specializing in Chinese from Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China. The company holds a group of Chinese specialists based in Taipei.
Kawamura International
Kawamura International is a pioneer in machine translation services, having been one of the first agencies to offer post-editing services in Japan.
Honyaku Center Inc.
Honyaku Center Inc. is one of the largest industrial translation service companies in Japan.
Human Science Co., Ltd.
Human Science Co., Ltd. has translated more than 17,000 documents for Apple, Microsoft, Mitsubishi Electric, and other companies in the IT, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and medical fields.
SJK International
SJK International has a large number of clients across Japan and overseas and supports the success of international business and research with high-quality multilingual translations specialized in their fields.
INF Inc.
INF Inc. is a translation company with more than 30 years of experience in industrial translation. The company is located in Aichi Prefecture, the No. 1 manufacturing city in Japan.