September 24, 2019

By collaboration with Nichigai Associates, Inc., two new large dictionaries, and five professional Glossaries are available in YarakuZen.

~Realizing translation of specialized contents such as medicine, architecture, electricity, and chemistry~

2020-02-07 (25)

Translation tools " YarakuZen" can now be translated using two large dictionaries and five specialized glossaries which Nichigai Associates, Inc., provides. This enables users to translate and edit highly specialized documents efficiently by referring to dictionaries in each specialized field.

* Dictionary / Glossary is a paid option of Company Plan. (All ¥ 500 / user / month)


■ Dictionary

・ Nichigai DCS Saito Dictionary

Includes 50,000 entries and 150,000 example sentences. Includes a number of unique Japanese expressions that are difficult to translate in English, such as haiku, waka, Chinese poetry, Toyo Hen, and popular lyrics.


・ Nichigai Dictionary - Medical

A dictionary of bilingual technical terms in the medical field. Contains medical, pharmaceutical, and related terms used in medical literature from domestic and foreign dictionaries and glossaries.


・Nichigai Dictionary - Architecture/Civil Engineering

Includes terms in the fields of architecture, civil engineering, mining metallurgy, building materials, environmental engineering, soil engineering, concrete, steel, aluminum, and drafting.


・Nichigai Dictionary - Bio Medical

The areas covered include medical science, life science, zoology, biotechnology, botany, genetics, pharmacy, psychology, biotechnology, dentistry, welfare equipment, medical radiation, medical electricity, and physiology.


・Nichigai Dictionary - Electrical/Electronic/IT

A collection of technical terms in the electrical, computer, and information technology fields. Gathered from computer terminology, information processing, information communication, quality control, measurement engineering, thermal power generation, nuclear power, optics, electrical engineering, electronic equipment, CAD, electronic measurement integrated circuit, arithmetic operation, graphic processing, LAN, electroplating, system audit and other related fields.


・Nichigai Dictionary - Mechanical Engineering

Collection of technical terms used in the mechanical and engineering fields. Indispensable when doing technical and practical translation. Covers mechanical engineering, measurement engineering, nuclear engineering, system audit, machine design, production management, energy management, thermal power generation, crane, conveyor, industrial sewing machine, household sewing machine, automobile, railway, shipbuilding, aviation, flight mechanics, printing, wind power generation, CAD, metal processing, etc.


・ Nichigai Dictionary - Chemical/Agriculturul

The fields covered include chemistry, agriculture, animals, plants, plastics, paper/pulp, paints, fibers, analytical chemistry, rubber, surface activity, and elements.




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Nichigai Associates, Inc. is a long-established publisher that has been collecting and organizing information on documents, people, cases, terms, etc, and it has been consistently providing these information as digital contents. In 1986, it launched the online information service "NICHIGAI ASSIST" and actively worked on making tools for electronic publishing. In addition, on the Internet, the information provision service "NICHIGAI / WEB Service" with a flat-rate fee system from May 1997 and "WEB / NICHIGAI ASSIST" from December 1999 with a number-based fee system have started.