May 06, 2022

Machine translation platform "YarakuZen" linked with cloud storage service "Box" to launch "YarakuZen for Box" - Just saving the file in "Box" will let you get them machine-translated -

YarakuZen, a machine translation platform provided by Yaraku, Inc., will launch a new service, "YarakuZen for Box", which enables multilingual machine translation in collaboration with "Box", a content cloud provided by Box Japan Co., Ltd.

"Secure Machine Translation - YarakuZen for Box"  https://pages.yarakuzen.com/integrate_box 

 Background of "Secure Machine Translation - YarakuZen for Box" development

Box is a content cloud used by approximately 11,000 companies in Japan, enabling secure exchange of large files not only within the company but also between remote locations, including overseas. However, no matter how secure your file storage, uploading them to a free translation tool when translating exposes you to the risk of information leakage. It also takes time and effort each time if you have to download a file from Box, translate the file using a machine translation tool, and then upload the translated file back into Box again.

To solve these issues, we have come to develop "Secure Machine Translation - YarakuZen for Box," which synchronizes with a specified folder in Box and automatically performs machine translation on a regular basis.


About "Secure Machine Translation - YarakuZen for Box"

The service allows you to skip the process of uploading and downloading files, and automatically performs machine translation in a secure environment. It also lets you share the translated files as they are. Files uploaded to a specified folder in Box are translated periodically using machine translation and provides you a translated file.

Machine translation in a secure environment
Since the new service is in collaboration with Box, which boasts strong security and has been selected by approximately 110,000 companies worldwide, it is possible to perform machine translation while keeping files in a secure environment.
 Reduce the time and effort required to upload and share files
Translation is performed directly within Box, so the files can be shared without uploading or downloading.
Customizable translation engine
The engine automatically reflects in-house terminology, jargon, and frequently used phrases.
In addition, the best suited engine can be selected from Google Translate, Microsoft, and NICT.


■ Comments from Katsunori Furuichi, President and Representative Director at  Box Japan

We sincerely welcome the collaboration between Yaraku, Inc.'s machine translation platform "YarakuZen'' and “Box”. Our mission is to transform the way people and organizations work, helping people to work in diverse ways. We expect "Secure Machine Translation - YarakuZen for Box" to be a solution that supports the global expansion of our business by improving the efficiency of translation operations. We will continue to collaborate with Yaraku, Inc. to provide solutions that enable people to work more freely and efficiently.

Box Japan Co., Ltd, a Japanese subsidiary of Box, Inc: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Katsunori Furuichi. 
For more information about Box Japan and the content cloud "Box", visit the websites https://www.box.com/ja-jp  or https://www.boxsquare.jp/ 

Information on "Secure Machine Translation - YarakuZen for Box '' can be found at: https://pages.yarakuzen.com/integrate_box