February 28, 2022

【News Release】INF Incorporated has joined the Translation Marketplace specializing in post-editing - Enables orders of post-editing specialized for the documents in manufacturing field -


Yaraku, Inc. (Shibuya, Tokyo, CEO: Suguru Sakanishi), the provider of an online translation tool "YarakuZen", is happy to announce that INF Incorporated (Location: Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, CEO: Yuji Yoshikawa) has joined the translation marketplace that specializes in post-editing.


 Background of participation by INF Incorporated

INF Incorporated, which has joined the Marketplace, is a translation company with over 30 years of experience in translation for technical documents and visa applications. The company is located in Nagoya, a city famous for its manufacturing industry, and has a great deal of translation experience in the manufacturing industry, especially in the automotive industry.

By collaborating with a company that has translators specializing in the manufacturing industry, YarakuZen will be able to share their knowledge, strengths, and expertise in the manufacturing industry with users. In addition, it will be possible to provide extensive support to companies in the Tokai region. 

About INF Incorporated

INF Incorporated is a translation company with over 30 years of experience in translation for technical documents and visa applications. In addition to translation and interpretation, they also handle document translation, layout adjustment, native checking, etc. The languages supported include Asian and European languages, with a focus on Japanese-English translation.


 The Marketplace continues to develop with this participation

To meet the ever-increasing demand for translation services in recent years, Yaraku, Inc. has developed the Marketplace specializing in post-editing. As of February 2022, six translation agencies have joined in the Marketplace continuing its evolution to meet the diverse translation demands of society.

<What is post-editing?>

Post-editing refers to the process in which a professional translator edits the output results from machine translation. By using machine translation, which utilizes deep learning to continually improve its accuracy, to create a rough translation and then have a professional translator edit and revise it, it is possible to cut costs by up to 90% and increase translation speed by up to 70% while maintaining the quality of the translation.


■ New agency members wanted!

Users of YarakuZen can place post-editing orders with translation agencies in the Marketplace with one-click. By participating in the Marketplace, translation agencies will be able to generate more demand and bring in new customers. In addition, there is the advantage of gaining expertise in post-editing, which is expected to become more widespread in the future.

We are planning to invite more translation agencies to join the Marketplace, and we are actively looking for more agencies to join us.


■ Translation agencies in this Marketplace

INF Inc.

INF Inc. is a translation company with more than 30 years of experience in industrial translation. The company is located in Aichi Prefecture, the No. 1 manufacturing city in Japan.

Kawamura International

Kawamura International is a pioneer in machine translation services, having been one of the first agencies to offer post-editing services in Japan.

Honyaku Center Inc.

Honyaku Center Inc. is one of the largest industrial translation service companies in Japan.

Human Science Co., Ltd.

Human Science Co., Ltd. has translated more than 17,000 documents for Apple, Microsoft, Mitsubishi Electric, and other companies in the IT, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and medical fields.

SJK International

SJK International has a large number of clients across Japan and overseas and supports the success of international business and research with high-quality multilingual translations specialized in their fields.

Mie Translation Services Co.,Ltd.

Mie Translation Services Co.,Ltd.is a translation company specializing in Chinese from Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China. The company holds a group of Chinese specialists based in Taipei.