March 04, 2022

YarakuZen wins the BPO/Consulting/RPA Category Award at the BOXIL SaaS AWARD 2022 - Awarded BPO/Consulting/RPA Category Award at the BOXIL SaaS event that honors services supporting the transformation of corporate work styles and business promotion -

We are pleased to announce that our online translation platform "YarakuZen" has won the "BPO/Consulting/RPA Category Award" in "BOXIL SaaS AWARD 2022", which recognizes the most highly regarded SaaS of 2021.


Reviews from the SaaS comparison site "BOXIL SaaS"



The "BOXIL SaaS AWARD" is an event that judges SaaS (*1) based on criteria calculated referring to the know-how and accumulated data of SMARTCAMP Co., Ltd., the operation company. The nominee services come from approximately 3,000 companies that are listed on the comparison site "BOXIL SaaS".

BOXIL SaaS AWARD 2022 has three categories: "BOXIL Overall Ranking Category," "SaaS AWARD 2022 Category," and "SaaS Trend Category". This year, 2 services won the Grand Award, 18 services won the Category Grand Award, 14 services won the Category 1st Award, and 109 services won the Category Award (*2) . YarakuZen, an online translation platform that enhances productivity by combining AI and human editing, has been awarded the BPO/Consulting/RPA Category Award.



*1 SaaS stands for Software as a Service. This refers to a form in which functions that were previously provided as packaged software are now provided as cloud services.
*2 The number of awards for each category includes duplicate awards in multiple categories.


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