March 01, 2019

Top 5 Translation Service providers in South America

In order to talk about Translation Service Providers, you must first know what the job is all about.

Translation Service Providers (TSP) have been around for several years now, they are sometimes referred to as Translation Agencies that offer their translation services to clients. Sometimes they also offer other related jobs such as interpretation or localization or even social coaching solutions, it all depends on the company and what their client population is.

When an individual is Translating they are creating a process of ‘searching’ the words of one text in any particular language and turn it into a text in any other particular language. Everything can be translated, from books to magazines or even Search Engine marketing adds, if there is a word then it can also be translated.

A lot of times the Translation Service Providers also offer something called ‘’Localization’’. This is when their translation services are defined by the nuances of a particular nation, group, cultural background or geographical area. For example, if Translating into French, the Translation Service Provider will focus on where the language is spoken and the overall context of the piece in order to produce an accurate translation and localization.

Of course, localization requires an extra effort from the Translation Services Providers as they will have to do extensive research in order to understand how culture is in a specific area, or what kind of lifestyles do people have. In other words, when a text is being localized it means that it is taking into consideration everything that surrounds the social sphere of the text. It is commonly used for very subjective pieces of work such as websites, blogs, software or even games.

After having all of this information digested it is fairly normal to feel intimidated when asked to select a Translation Service Provider for a specific market, such as South America. Whether you are looking for a Translation Service Provider to simply perform the translation of texts or you would like someone to help you localize your content, in order to become more accessible and in touch with your customers, you need to make sure that the work you are receiving is of high standards and to your personal and professional relevance.

This is why we have compiled a list of the Top 5 Translation Service Providers in South America, the only thing you have to do now is to pick whatever suits you more:

globe-110775_6401. Flix Translations:

According to their website Flix Translations, this Boutique Translation Company is based in Miami, the US and Buenos Aires, Argentina.

They are Flix Translations Group LLC and provide linguistic services to medium and big companies. They specialize in Marketing, Life Sciences, Technology and Technical Translations such as Legal Translations.

Some of the services they offer also include Translation and Localization, Simultaneous Translation and Multimedia Translation. They also offer Automated Translation which uses Machine Translation Systems. They are currently one of the best Translation Services Providers.

2. LatamWays: 

Their website is LatamWays. According to them, if you decide to work with them then you are guaranteed entry into Latin America’s tough market.

They provide top-notch services to clients around the world, from Translation and Localization to Editing and Proofreading to Translation and Subtitles, Latamways have more than 20 years of experience in their field.

Latamways have a consultative approach that tries to merge customized solutions for their clients in order to be able to achieve success in their business’ goals.

3. Translation Back Office:

According to their website Translation Back Office, they are an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company, that has clients all over the world and has performed over 30,000 successful projects to date.

Translation Back Office is well-known for having an in-house team of professionals with extensive language experience as translators, managers, engineers and other specialists, which allows them to become experts in the Translation fields.

They have also developed a Machine Translation hybrid engine that allows them to combine Machine Learning with Artificial Intelligence, making them one of the first Translation Service Providers in South America to do so.

4. Brazilian Localization Company:

Their website is BLC. This giant Translation Service Provider offers its clients a comprehensive translation pack from English-Portuguese-English to their worldwide audience.

If one is talking about Top Translation Service Providers in South America, then BLC comes to mind as it is considered as the most successful Translation Company in one of the biggest economies of the world, Brazil.

From offering services of Translation to Specific Technical Fields to being specialists in Engineering, Finance and Medical Services, BLC surely covers a broad spectrum of industries.

5. Pangeanic:

Their website is Pangeanic.

They are at the top 5 Translation Service Providers in South America as they are experts at translating, adapting, localizing, proofreading and publishing Latin American Spanish-English-Spanish translations.

With almost 30 years in the market, they have a high success rate in terms of client’s satisfaction. Even though they tend to focus on Latin American Spanish Legal translations, Medical Translations, and any specialist field that is needed, they also work with a number of experts on the areas of Marketing and Media.

Pangeanic provides an excellent service at a very competitive price, using state-of-the-art translation technologies and expert professionals that speak fluent South American Spanish.


Overall, it can be argued that the Latin American market, and more specifically, the South American market is becoming more attractive to investors and customers worldwide as they offer a variety of services while they are also an almost unexplored market for companies worldwide.

This is why Translation Services present a worthwhile investment for those enterprises who would like to expand their businesses in South America, as it will provide them with the opportunity to localize their services or products to the specific needs that are found on the region.