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Taking the Effort out of Interlingual Communication.

Yaraku Inc. is a small global company that thrives on diversity.
We are a team of 19 members that altogether speak 16 languages and coming from 9 countries, we plan, develop, design and apply our multilingual communication tool.

Who we are

Company Name
Yaraku, Inc.
4-8 Nanpeidaicho, #607 Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
August 2009
Suguru Sakanishi
Number of staff
19 (For information about job opportunities, please refer to this page.)
¥ 174,850,000 (including capital reserve)
Konica Minolta, Inc., Advanced Media, Inc., Sony Network Communications Inc., NISSAY CAPITAL Co.,ltd., Nippon Venture Capital Co.,Ltd., Board member etc.
Develop and continually improve our tool for optimizing multilingual communication


Suguru Sakanishi
Tsuyoshi Minato
Outside Director
Hiroyuki Kuwazono
Outside Auditor
Yoshiaki Omori


Nobuo Matsuki
Tokyo Institute of Technology / MKS Partners
Toshio Furuta
Claire Law Firm
Shuichi Matsuda
Waseda University
Tomohito Ebine
Masataka Matsumoto
Yuichi Yatsuhashi
ACA / Ex BCG partners

The Team

  • Suguru Sakanishi

    Suguru Sakanishi

    From Japan. After graduating from Waseda University, he moved to New York to work for an online marketing company for several years. He then returned to Japan and established Yaraku. Winner of many business contests.

  • Tsuyoshi Minato

    Tsuyoshi Minato

    From Japan. Graduate of Tokyo University's law faculty. He has worked in several marketing, sales, consulting and e-commerce businesses to revolutionize them and make progress with overseas sales. Graduate of INSEAD’s MBA program.

  • Jonas Rydenhag

    Jonas Rydenhag
    Development Lead

    From Sweden. After working in web development in Gothenburg for eight years, he decided to move to Japan and joined Yaraku. As the head of the development team, he deals with a variety of operations.

  • Mike TianJian Jiang

    Mike TianJian Jiang
    Natural language processing

    From Taiwan. PhD in the research of natural language processing.He earned his MSc in computer science at Taiwan, Tunghai University and his PhD at Taiwan, Tsing Hua University. He is in lead of support for large volumes of translation data as well as backend development.

  • Yohei Maeda

    Yohei Maeda

    From Japan. After graduating from Waseda University, he worked seven years at an accounting firm in Tokyo. Has worked with over 100 companies. He has been working in financial accounting and various back-office operations in Yaraku since the company's creation.

  • Kotaro Sada

    Kotaro Sada
    Business Development Lead

    From Tokyo, Japan. After graduating from Waseda University, he worked at a human resource consulting firm to improve upon the employment and training systems of management executives. MBA graduate of GLOBIS University.

  • Marcos Ramos

    Marcos Ramos
    Interface development

    From Argentina. Has over 10 years of development experience in Buenos Aires. He is a jack-of-all-trades who can manage both front- and back-end development as well as design. He makes the spirit of the development team positively passionate.

  • Aiden Lim

    Aiden Lim
    Language data processing

    From Singapore. Studied multilingual technologies at Nanyang Technological University. After graduation, he got his professor's recommendation to join Yaraku. His hobby is online gaming. He deals with back-end development as well as language data processing.

  • Akiko Suzuki

    Akiko Suzuki

    From Japan. After graduating from Gakushuin University, she worked as a forwarder and customs’ officer. She joined Yaraku to deal with issues relating to taxes and finance. In addition, she watches over issues concerning general affairs and labor.

  • Kazuhiro Kato

    Kazuhiro Kato

    From Japan. He has managed sales for over 200 clients in various industries. Joined Yaraku to serve as a connector between Japan and foreign countries.

  • Satoru Moriya

    Satoru Moriya

    From Japan. After graduating in economics in Tokyo University, he worked in finance for a leading beverage manufacturer, until he joined Yaraku. He can handle various issues, such as the planning and implementation of marketing strategies as well as leading events and seminars.

  • Yurii Honcharenko

    Yurii Honcharenko
    Front-end development

    From Ukraine. Graduated from Donbass College of Engineering, majoring in computer science. After working as a freelance software developer for several years, he joined Yaraku. He deals with web development as well as front-end development.