Kawamura International Co., Ltd.

Established in 1969 to solve "More information that needs translation" and "More information in a timely manner". A translation company with a wealth of IT experience.
Kawamura International Co., Ltd.

Kawamura International is differentiated by deep experience in post-editing projects and the number of workers involved. Our strength is in securing post-editors who can speak native languages such as in English to European languages, and not limited to just English and Japanese language pairs. We can customize proposals according to the customer's budget, delivery date, and required quality standards. Please feel free to contact us.

Monthly processing volume of more than a million words/characters

Put simply, post-editing requires various quality levels. Kawamura International, a forerunner in the machine translation service industry, can propose a work plan according to the customer's required quality level based on its abundant achievements and knowledge in the industry.

Utilizing international standards

Kawamura International is actively involved in the formulation of ISO for post-editing, which is an international standard. By clarifying the differences between manual translation and post-editing such as processes, requirements, and quality standards, we can support you in setting up quality standard agreements, processes, and methods.

Security (Information security measures)

We have acquired ISO27001 (ISMS certification), which is an international standard for information security. You can rest assured that we can handle both highly confidential translation projects and highly specialized projects.

Kawamura International Co., Ltd.

IS 632884/ISO 27001

Services provided

・Translation of manuals/Document translation/localization

・IT translation/Medical translation/Patent translation/Technical translation/Financial translation/Business translation

Supported languages

English、Japanese、major Asian and European languages

Quality control measures

Kawamura International uses a TAFT system that allows "quality evaluation model", "translation quality function development", and "PM quality function development" to function mutually based on statistical quality control methods. By adding an in-house system (ISMS) to the TAFT system to safely handle customer information, we aim to provide translation services that satisfy our customers.