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Post-Editing is using automatic translation as a base for editing by a professional translator

YarakuZen's Marketplace translation service specializes in post-editing, where the automatic translation is used as preliminary and further refined by professional translators. After automatic translation on YarakuZen, you can order post-editing of your document from a variety of experienced translation agencies. *1

*1 This service is available for company users only.

Five Features of YarakuZen's Marketplace Translation Service

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Automatic translation plus editing for high speed, high quality, and low cost

Due to recent breakthroughs in AI technology, we can now fully utilize automatic translation outputs as a preliminary translation for editing. This preliminary translation can be "post-edited" by translation professionals, resulting in significant increase in productivity. The result is up to 70% increase in speed and up to 90% reduction in cost while maintaining its high quality, compared to the traditional process of translating from scratch. In this service, the outputs of AI translation, which is machine-learned from your accumulated translation phrases and terms, are post-edited by professional translators with a wealth of experience and expertise. The project is managed by a translation company with experience in guaranteeing information security.

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Reduce order volume by ordering sentence-units instead of whole documents

With YarakuZen's ordering system, you can place orders by "sentence unit" rather than by an entire document. By excluding sentences with good automatic translation quality, short phrases that don't need editing, or phrases that have been translated in the past, the order volume will decrease.
Furthermore, the revised data (post-edited translation) is automatically stored and used for the future translation, so the more you use it, the more you can reduce the cost. This service is especially suited for documents that are regularly revised, such as manuals and websites.

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Fixed translation process & translators according to required quality, budget and delivery date. Makes the translation quality stable.

Unlike traditional online translation services, YarakuZen's translation service is customized to meet your company's needs in translation workflow process, translator assignment, and project management.
For the initial quotation process, each translation company will send a proposal customized to your needs and a sample translation as an example. When you place an order based on one of the proposals, the plan will be registered as a fixed plan on YarakuZen. The next time you need to make a translation order, you can select the plan with just a few clicks. As a result, the number of man-hours required for ordering can be greatly reduced.
By adjusting the translation process and translators to match the required quality and budget, we are able to ensure stable quality.

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Digital Transformation (DX) of the order process for translations

When using YarakuZen to order, all the required steps for placing a translation order can be done online all at one place. Starting with obtaining a quote, sending source documents, submitting translation data, communicating detailed requests, and finally managing payment; all these can be done in YarakuZen. The result is a reduction in the man-hours required to place translation orders, normally a time-consuming process, from the implementation of digital transformation (DX) in ordering.

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Secure security systems + reliability and trust from major translation companies

YarakuZen has a robust system design that has passed the security checks of major companies to ensure high security. (See our security page for more details)In addition, post-editing is handled by translation companies with ISO and privacy mark certifications. Only translators who have been identified and signed an NDA are allowed to work with us, and we maintain strict data control throughout the process. Therefore, you can order translation without worrying about data leakage. Upon delivery of the translation, a "Translation Certificate" will be issued. This certifies the translation process and translator that were agreed upon at the time of the initial order.

Ordering process

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Automatic translation

Drop files in YarakuZen for automatic translation

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Request quotes

Click the "Collaborate" button to request quotes.

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A quote will be prepared by each translation agency.
* 1 User can choose a plan.

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You can easily place the same orders from the next time.*2

*1 The proposal includes service content, translation process, translator in charge, cost, working period and sample translation.
*2 Once you place an order, your customized translation plan will be registered on YarakuZen.
The next time you place an order, you will be able to place the same order with your own plan.

The difference between traditional ordering and YarakuZen

Traditionally, depending on the document content, language, volume, and security requirements, several different translation companies might be used separately to quote, order, communicate, pay, and manage data. On the other hand, with YarakuZen, you can manage the entire order process in one place.

The difference between traditional ordering and YarakuZen

Recommended and non-recommended documents for post-editing:

For automatic translation + post-editing, there are some appropriate document types and some inappropriate types.
The Marketplace is suited for documents having a fixed grammar and structure. Examples of such documents are: manuals, contracts, academic papers, and patent documents etc. Applying post-editing to such documents can produce higher quality translations in a more efficient way than translating from scratch. For example, according to a case study that applied post-editing to software manuals, post-edited translations were evaluated to be of even higher quality (more understandable and accurate) than translating from scratch.

On the other hand, post-editing tends to be less effective for "casual or creative texts," which are not so suitable for automatic translation. Such texts include novels and other literary works, movie subtitles, articles, and conversations etc. Post-editing is not recommended for such documents because translators tend to be conflicted between the original creative text and the less-fluent automatic translation.

The recommended and non-recommended document types are summarized as follows. When using post-editing service, we recommend that you choose a document type that is likely to improve the quality and efficiency of post-editing.

Marketplace Recommended Document types Icon
Recommended document types:
  • 1. Manual
  • 2. Contract / IR materials / patent documents
  • 3. Website software
  • 4. Various business documents such as presentations
  • 5. Others, releases, product data, treatises, etc.
Marketplace Non-Recommended Document types Icon
Non-recommended document types:
  • 1. Novel / story
  • 2. Video subtitles
  • 3. Articles (newspapers / magazines / online media)
  • 4. Chat, word of mouth, SNS posting
  • 5. Conversational sentences
Masaru Yamada Picture

Service Supervisor: Masaru Yamada, Professor, College of Intercultural Communication, Rikkyo University in Japan.

M.A. of Linguistics, West Virginia University in USA and Ph.D. of Intercultural communication studies, Graduate School of Intercultural Communication, Rikkyo University in Japan. His research interests include translation technology theory (including post-editing), Translation Process Research (TPR), Translation and Interpreting in Language Teaching (TILT), and Audiovisual Translation (AVT) research. His recent projects are the development of language (meta-language) to talk about translation, the exploration into translation studies from different viewpoints of both industry and academia, and the implementation of translation and localization into the society.

Translation companies providing post-edit

Kawamura Logo

Kawamura International can propose a plan according to the quality level required by the customer based on our abundant experience over many years. Our strength is that we can secure editors who natively speak languages such as English to European languages as well as English to Japanese.
More details here

Honyaku Logo

Honyaku Center Inc. is the largest industrial translation service company in Japan. We support a wide variety of customers, including patent offices, law firms, accounting firms, government offices, universities, and research institutes that develop businesses for various manufacturers and highly specialized fields that support Japan's global expansion in automobiles, machinery, electric appliances, pharmaceuticals, etc..
More details here

Human Science Logo

Over 25 years, more than 18,000 translations, companies from IT, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, medical fields such as Apple, Microsoft, and Sanryo Electric. We will reduce costs and shorten delivery times while maintaining translation quality.
More details here

Screen Logo

As a creative center for manufacturing equipment manufacturers, we have 25 years of technical translation experience. We assign the most suitable translator for your request. “Technical translation specialists” are in charge of translation work.


With over 20 years of experience specializing in automobile technology, including the era of Toyota Techno Service, the predecessor of TTDC, we provide high-quality translations by utilizing know-how and continuously improving skills. The translation sphere covers a wide range of fields such as automobile technology, intellectual property, information and communications, public relations, legal affairs and contracts.

INF Logo

A Nagoya-based translation and interpreting company with over 30 years of experience in technical translation and visa application document translation.
They also provide services in fields other than technical translations, and develop services that fully meet the needs of their customers.
More details here

Mie Logo

Mie Translation Service is a professional Chinese translation company based in Taipei. Our translations help you appeal to your audience with regional Chinese expressions.
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