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"Expect for the Use in Immediate Transmission Devices such as SNS"

Nonprofit Corporation Visual Industry Promotion Organization (VIPO)
Computer-assisted Translation
Introduction Purpose
Multilingualization of Websites
Cutting cost of translation
Introduction Effect
Translation Work becomes Efficient, Productivity improves, Cost is reduced
Reference Plan
YarakuZen Company Plan

Japanese contents with international competitveness

VIPO is an organization that aims to revitalize Japanese economy and to reinforce the international competitivity of Japanese content industry. In order to support the Japanese content industry such as music, movies, broadcasts, anime, games, and characters, VIPO implements outsourcing projects (J-LOP 4, ndjc, CoFesta, etc.) requested by the government and local public entities and voluntary projects (VIPO Academy, Japan Ambassador, etc).

Increasing opptunities with oversease perators

"As the overseas deployments of Japanese contents increases, we wanted to increase the contact with foreign businessmen. Therefore, we decided to renew the English website first and realized the necessity of translation work. When we considered the frequency of website updates, it became inefficient to request translation companies. " (Yoshie Yanagihara, PR Division of Planning Department at VIPO)

You can store translation data

"Generally, translation companies barely finish the translation after the request, YarakuZen enables us to accumulate bilingual data as our company dictionary, which is a fantastic feature of YarakuZen. As it decreases translation time, we expect YarakuZen for the use in immediate transmission devices such as SNS. We also request professionals for the translation of outward materials. It also sets up a calibration period, even after the translation is finished, so we feel comfortable to use YarakuZen."

Unified translation

“In addition, since there are multiple business divisions, it was necessary to unify the expression in VIPO. YarakuZen Company Plan enables us to manage multiple accounts in one team, so it is possible to unify the machine translation result by the team. In case of our company, the person in charge of PR became YarakuZen translation manager and assigned members of each business department that needed translation to the same team. After YarakuZen translation manager registers unified translated units as company phrases, other members can gain the same translation result.Overall, our determinant to introduce YarakuZen is the function of dictionary registration and unification of expressions as an organization. We plan to utilize the YarakuZen functionality of unification of translation expressions in our whole organizations branding."