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With YarakuZen’s “Anyone can use it!” design, our training costs have gone down

JACCK International, Ltd.
JACCK International
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A language service provider that cares about "value provided by people".

First of all, could you tell us about your company?

We started as an interpreter and translator for public offices, dispatching interpreters to the police, customs, etc. Today, we have an increasing number of requests from a wide range of companies in the IT, manufacturing, and service industries, with more than 500 companies having used our services. We offer 65 languages, with more than 500 translators. We have people with diverse backgrounds and experts in various fields, not to mention languages, so our service goes beyond translation and interpretation, but also PR and marketing, and we provide added value.

JACCK International, Ltd. https://jacck.co.jp/

Each utilizing a different translation tool. Managing progress as a team is a challenge.

What challenges have you faced so far?

Since we started as an interpretation and translation company, our members are basically capable of translation, but the tools used for translation work varied. TRADOS and MEMSOURCE, which are software commonly used by translators, are complicated and require training before they can be used, making it difficult to start working immediately. In addition, each member was using a different tool for translation work, making it difficult to share progress and to unify expressions of sentences and phrases.

It has all the features you'd expect from a translator's tool, but it's just so easy to use!

What was the background and deciding factor for the YarakuZen introduction?

Due to the effects of the Corona disaster, the number of requests for interpretation services has decreased, but the number of requests for translation services has increased over the past year. Although we were already using the above mentioned tools, we were looking for something that could be used right away when we hired new people. YarakuZen is easy for anyone to start using, so we decided to adopt it right away.

How do you feel about using YarakuZen?

YarakuZen has all the basic features you'd expect from a translator's tool, but it's easy to use and very useful. I feel that the translation work proceeds quickly, and I enjoy using it.

Efficiency improved by working as a team. Accumulated translation character counts are used for end-of-year review.

What kind of effects have you felt since the introduction of the system?

First of all, the time spent on translation has been cut by about half. Our company supports 65 languages, so when we receive a large number of requests for translation projects, each person's time and resources are limited. In such a situation, the fact that we were able to streamline our translation work by using YarakuZen was a great benefit. The time saved is used in refining the expression of the text so that it can be understood by the reader in one go, while accurately capturing the writer's intention.

It's also great that we no longer have to explain how to use the tools when we hire new people. The tools we used to use were very complicated to operate because of their many functions, and it took a lot of time and effort to train new employees. YarakuZen is designed so that anyone can start using it right away, so there is no training cost! That's great! Those who recently joined the company also feel very excited to use it.

Since everyone on the team translates using YarakuZen, we have clear data on the total number of words translated as a company, and it is also useful for internal review.

Finally, please tell us about your company's future prospects.

Interpreting and translation are not just tools, but something meaningful and good for people to do. Globalization is accelerating in Japan. I would like to continue to provide services that can serve as a bridge between Japan and the rest of the world.

We look forward to working with JACCK International in the future. Thank you so much!