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YarakuZen's translation API is used in SATOs "InboundWorks MultiLingual" multilingual information service for foreigners visiting Japan.

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Provide translation functions as a service
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Issues for companies with backgrounds of service development

When foreign tourists do shopping, if the food package is shown in Japanese, they will hardly grasp its flavor or ingredients and have some anxiety during the enjoyable trip.
If some family members or friends who receive the souvenirs have some food allergies, these foreign tourists who do not understand the language, might wonder if they should purchase or not.

This indicates that companies will pass an opportunity of customers buying products.

In order to solve this issue, it is feasible to hire employees who are able to speak foreign languages, but it is extremely costly due to labor and it takes some time to master product information.
If the information on packages or POP is offered in multiple languages, people might consider it not as Japanese products, and the large size of package or POP will lower the value of products.

This is a loss for a company.

Here InboundWorks MultiLingual comes.

Communication of conveying
hospitality to inbound foreign tourists.

Concept of InboundWorks MultiLingual

InboundWorks MultiLingual is a service that enables foreign tourists to scan QR codes or NFC of products by using smartphones or tablets and to gain ingredients, allergy and other product information in multi-languages (Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean).

This helps them enjoy the trip in Japan.

The service is comprehensive that undertakes the design of product seals & POP, the printing, multilingual translation by using crowdsourcing and the deign of Web pages for smartphones.

It is ideal for the retailers and wholesalers who want to provide product information to foreign tourists.

(※)NFC (Near Field Communication): short-ranege wireless communication technology approved as international standard.

Functions of InboundWorks MultiLingual

Supply Source: Project, design and print of QR code simplified by Web pages, seals & labels with NFC and POP base materials.
Product Information Registration: Registration of product information including QR code, images to NFC and links of videos.
Multi-language Translation: Provide cloud sourcing translation service corresponding to Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean.
Translation data is automatically stored in database, which allows the share and reuse of data.
Create Web Pages: Create websites that enables foreign tourists to browse on smartphones & tablets
Possess functionalities including automatic language switch of web pages corresponding to smartphone language settings and SNS links (Twitter, Face book, LINE, Weibo).
Log File: Offer date, browsed pages and device language information.
Cooperation with YarakuZen due to translation API
In regard to multilingual translation mentioned above, YarakuZen plays a significant role.

The data inputted to InboundWorks MultiLingual are sent to YarakuZen and translated by YarakuZen.
With YarakuZen translation API, users are able to request translation service from the administration screen of InboundWorks MultiLingual.