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"Building a cycle of Cost Reduction"

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Message multilingualization of built-in hardware
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Only multilingual loudspeaker in the world

Edison Hardware Co., Ltd. was founded in February 1984. With "Opening tomorrow with electronic technology! " as a motto, we have been doing system design proposal design and custom hardware production for more than 30 years. We are deeply trusted by old and new clients as a group of professionals who can quickly and flexibly respond to customers diverse needs, and can produce the best products in the world (electronic circuits, disaster prevention equipment, broadcasting technical equipment etc.). Currently, as a part of new product development we are developing our own multilingual loudspeaker.

"When welcoming about 40 million foreign tourists by 2020 as planned by the government, public transportation and the like need to deal with delayed broadcasting due to natural disasters and accidents, and emergency evacuation guidance in foreign languages. However, it is difficult to arrange for foreign language broadcasters on a daily basis in case of emergencies. Hence we developed a multilingual loudspeaker. By entering the announcement you would like to broadcast on the control panel, you can select from categories such as "emergency broadcasting", "natural disaster", "railway system" and "hotel system", and choose messages according to your needs and announce it repeatedly. In addition, you can also select messages that you can use during normal times, such as thank-you for the visit, navigation of facilities, guidance, etc. About 600 patterns are registered. Basically, it corresponds to the 4 languages of Japanese · English · Chinese · Korean, but it can expand to 20 languages at the maximum. I am using YarakuZen when translating this message."

"Unlike devices that are simply machine-translated from Japanese to foreign languages, it is characterized by high versatility because you can review and examine things you want to use for each customer beforehand and register. Also, since all announcements recorded are voices of native speakers, even if  if communication networks such as Wi-Fi and telephone lines collapse, the announcement is built in the loudspeaker, so it can be used a connection. In July 2014, the Cabinet Office / Disaster Prevention Promotion Committee approved the "Recommended Goods for Disaster Preparation etc" and was held on 20th December 2016 for the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games multilingual Council It was also exhibited at the "multilingual Response / ICT Promotion Forum" sponsored by the organizer, and Governor Koike and Mr. Marukawa also tried it."

Cost Reduction cycle build

"Before adopting YarakuZen, we were outsourcing to translators of the different languages each time we received a request for new message registration from customers, so there is a translation fee and wait time. However, it is impossible to lower the quality of the translation precision of messages that are built into the equipment you use in emergencies. But YarakuZen phrases and words translated in the past are saved and re-applied so there is absolutely no translation fee for new sentences duplicating what you translated in the past. Moreover, when ordering Human Translation, it is saved quickly with no fluctuation in delivery time. As the machine learns sentences requested from Human Translation, we were able to build a Cost Reduction cycle."