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Diamond Dining Co., Inc.
Diamond Dining Co., Inc.
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100 shops, 100 food service companies

Mr. Atsuhisa Matsumura, founder and current president, established A & Y Beauty Supply Co., Inc. in March, 1996, in Higashi-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo. Later in June 2001, "VAMPIRE CAFÉ" opened in Ginza, and restaurant management started. It is a restaurant industry enterprise that aims to realize 100 stores in 100 industries, mainly by opening in furnished shops. In 2010, this goal was achieved. By establishing its own multi-concept (individual shopkeeping) strategy, it is possible to open a "one store-one concept", to develop different business types according to the locations around the country and to open unique stores using existing properties.

Diamond Dining Co., Inc.

Responding to the different diet trends among Japanese people.

"Since we are doing restaurant management as our main business, it is essential to multilingualize menus and postings in stores for foreigners. Especially with Japanese food culture having high praise overseas, foreign tourists aiming to experience delicious and fun times are increasing each year. We are setting up shops by creating unique concepts for menus contents and shop space, and for that reason we are gaining support from customers for the wide variety of stores. However, we believe that we can not achieve the highest level of satisfaction unless we accomodate foreign tourists. Because some foreigners have different dietary restrictions like for vegetarians or for religious reasons. How do you handle meals for those with different diets as a restaurant ? I think that the best way to convey it is putting it in writing. For that purpose I have placed my emphasis on translating menus etc."

What you could not do with Google Translate is possible

"Up until now, the translator was working alone, but as the number of projects increased, we were considering introducing a new translation solution as it was no longer as effective. So, what I emphasized first is the accuracy of Machine Translation and the cost of Human Translation. Although we rely on Google Translate for Machine Translation, there was not a functionality to register a dictionary or apply phrases used in the past, so there was a drawback of being weak in translation of food menus and proper nouns. YarakuZen has a built-in dictionary registration function, and once you translate a phrase, it will be learned and re-applied in future translations. In addition, translation can be done smoothly with simultaneous Machine Translation and requesting human translation at low prices. Localization has become more and more exciting as we were able to overcome the difficulty with translating by making use of YarakuZen."