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Advance into overseas markets smoothly with YarakuZen

Abe Nikko Industry Co., Ltd.
Abe Nikko Industry Co., Ltd.
Construction company
Machine translation / translation support tool
Introduction Purpose
Translation of contract documents, work procedures etc from overseas
Increase in translation work
Introduction Effect
Increased efficiency of translation work
Reference Plan
YarakuZen Company Plan

As a pioneer of prestressed concrete tanks, we expand overseas by utilizing our water and sewage technology, bridge technology, and railway track technology.

- First of all, could you describe your company?
Abe Nikko Kogyo was established in 1949. It is a general construction industry that built the first prestressed concrete (PC) tanks in Japan, focusing on the design and construction of prestressed concrete.In particular, in the construction of bridges, water and sewage facilities, and railway tracks, we have earned high evaluations and trust in terms of technology and performance.

Currently, in addition to these fields, we design, manufacture, and sell PC secondary products for PC sleepers, civil engineering and construction. In particular, as a pioneer in PC tanks we boast the top market share in the PC tank market in Japan. We have various patented technologies, and we plan to expand overseas mainly through the air dome method, which is a special technology related to the PC tank roof structure. We have already been involved in PC construction in Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia, Southeast Asia, and the South Pacific in both prime contractor and general contractor roles, and we are thinking about expanding our business from a global perspective.

Unfamiliar translation work increases workload

- What translation needs do you have?
When we expanded our business overseas, we established a new overseas division in Japan and set up an office in Sri Lanka. However, until now all of our operations were mainly domestic, so there were no staff who could speak English fluently. However, since all materials from overseas like contract documents, work procedures, etc. are in English, we had to translate them using free translation software. But the quality of the translation was quite poor and we were struggling. I became a goal to ensure that staff from the overseas department and other overseas employees would not be burdened with translation work.

The low cost of introducing YarakuZen is decisive

- Why did you choose YarakuZen?
I looked for translation software that specialized for construction terminology, but I couldn't find anything that was satisfactory in terms of translation quality. Finally, I decided on YarakuZen, which has a fixed monthly fee with no translation character limit.

Drag and drop for easy translation

- How is the current introduction status?
It has become easier for remote workers to use the same translation software “YarakuZen” for translation. It is very convenient to translate files by drag and drop. I would like to use YarakuZen more efficiently as the company grows.

Thank you for your cooperation in the interview. Please continue to use YarakuZen!