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Foster smoother communication across our multinational company

Saki Corporation
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"Supporting manufacturing quality with 100% automated inspection solutions globally"

First of all, could you describe your company?

Saki Corporation designs, manufactures and sells automated optical inspection systems for electronic modules. We provide quality inspection solutions for electronic assemblies that automatically determine their pass or fail status by capturing digital images instead of manual visual inspection. Since our founding in 1994, we have shipped more than 10,000 automated inspection systems, operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at manufacturing sites worldwide. Products designed in Tokyo, Europe, and elsewhere and manufactured in our own factory in Japan are supported by our global service network. We want to continue to contribute to the world's most advanced manufacturing through premium quality assurance for the electronic modules, which are essential to the manufacture of electrical products.

Saki Corporation:https://www.sakicorp.com/en/

“Security concerns and burdens arise due to multilingual requirements”

What translation tasks and challenges have you faced in the past?

The company has a significant number of international staff, and there’s a constant need to create documents in Japanese and English for in-house and development purposes. Until now, individuals have been translating these documents using free online tools or asking the document group for help. However, concerns about the security of these free tools and the strain on resources within the document group have become problematic. Consequently, the company is seeking a new solution to address these issues.

"Inexpensive, secure, and easy-to-use UI that can utilize multiple translation engines"

What was the deciding factor behind the introduction of YarakuZen?

When comparing YarakuZen to other AI translation tools from different companies, its standout points that greatly impressed us were reliability in terms of security, cost-effectiveness, and lack of character limitations. These factors were crucial for our company, as we daily deal with extensive volumes of text and lengthy confidential documents.

Our intention was not solely for document translation but also to foster smoother communication across our multinational company. YarakuZen's intuitive UI was pivotal in this aspect. Its ability to translate entire files seamlessly and its feature allowing comparison of translation results from multiple engines for each sentence, alongside the back translation function, significantly enhanced translation accuracy. This comparative ability instilled confidence in our English translations.

Moreover, apart from English, YarakuZen's effortless translation into other languages, such as Korean, Chinese, and Spanish, proved immensely beneficial. As a result, our staff in various countries found the information more accessible and understandable.

"Translation work time reduced by over 90%."

What effects have you seen since the introduction of the system?

  • You can now easily prepare the English version of the materials together with the Japanese version, even just before the meeting.
  • For staff who are not native Japanese speakers, translating various materials into their own language and reading them improves their understanding of the content.
  • By registering terms and phrases in YarakuZen and learning the automatic translation engine, the translation results are getting closer to our terms and specifications, and the number of editing steps has decreased. We have registered our software's UI terms in the "Glossary" and past manual translation data assets in the "Phrase Collection", improving accuracy when translating new UIs and manuals.

For Japanese to English translations, particularly for in-house documents, we've reduced over 90% of the person-hours required. For foreign-affiliated companies in Japan requiring multilingual document creation, implementing YarakuZen can notably enhance operational efficiency.

"Reducing manual translation person-hours
by supporting XML files."

Regarding XML development requests

The manual production industry is expected to use an XML-based content management system (CMS) to improve efficiency. It would be more convenient to output manuals created with this CMS in XML format and translate them with YarakuZen, so we decided to request the development of XML support in YarakuZen.

Before introducing a CMS, we used Adobe InDesign to create manuals, but when it came time to translate the work, we had to outsource it to a translation company. By replacing the production tool with a CMS and translating the XML exported from there using YarakuZen, we can now prepare multilingual versions of the manual ourselves, even if it is only at a rough translation level. By enriching the Glossary and Phrase collection, we aim to improve the accuracy of automatic translation. YarakuZen is easy to use and recommended for content production and software companies using XML.

“Deploying ease of understanding globally.”

What do you hope for from YarakuZen in the future?

Many development documents are voluminous, so we would be happy if YarakuZen could further increase the number of characters that can be translated at one time. (Currently up to 100,000 characters per session)

In addition, a function could use OCR (optical character recognition) to translate characters in images inserted into Word. We hope these features will become a reality and allow us to translate large documents more efficiently.

Finally, please tell us about your company's future prospects.

We aim to make manuals as multilingual as possible on time and provide them to our global customers in their local languages. Also, having our service engineers at our overseas locations to deepen their understanding through materials in their language will help us provide better service to our customers. Although we are still in the middle of the journey, we want to do our best to make the most of YarakuZen and contribute globally.