Honyaku Center Inc.

Japan's largest industrial translation service company
Honyaku Center Inc.

Honyaku Center Inc. is the largest industrial translation service company in Japan. We support a wide variety of customers, including patent offices, law firms, accounting firms, government offices, universities, and research institutes that develop businesses for various manufacturers and highly specialized fields that support Japan's global expansion in automobiles, machinery, electric appliances, pharmaceuticals, etc..

Services provided

Honyaku Center Inc.

・Document translation

・Layout adjustment(DTP)

・Native checking

・Image/audio transcription

・Subtitle creation/voice injection

・Technical writing


Honyaku Center Inc.

Honyaku Center boasts a track record of 4,400 business partners and 54,000 annual transactions, and is ranked second in sales in the Asia-Pacific division of language service companies in the world *1.

In addition, we have a repeat rate of 76% *2 by providing after-sales and customer satisfaction services after delivery.

*1Common Sense Advisory 発表「2020 Rankings of Largest LSPs in the World」

*2 Percentage of all customers of HONYAKU Center excluding new customers, as of March 31, 2020

Supported languages

We support 80 languages including English as well as translations from one foreign language to another.

Quality management

Our industry-specialized production teams, with their expertise in industrial, pharmaceutical, patent, and finance fields, will establish a system that can provide high value-added services in each field, and provide translation services with appropriate quality for each customer.


Honyaku Center Inc.

IS 632884/ISO 27001

Honyaku Center has acquired "JIS Q 27001: 2014" as a third-party certification related to information security, and pays close attention to the handling of customer data. Please feel free to contact us for translation services regarding individual NDAs.