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Antenna, Ltd.
Antenna, Ltd.
Computer-assisted Translation
Introduction Purpose
Translation of US military tender specifications and accompanying technical documents
Translate large amounts of information in a short time
Introduction Effect
Reduced translation time
Reference Plan
YarakuZen Company Plan

Complete support for foreigners

Antenna Co., Ltd. is a company that provides translation of inbound services and certificates related to laws and procedures, US military business, SAM / WAWF agency, and MICE implementation support in Okinawa. US military business support includes document preparation after entering/winning bids for the US military, interpreting and translating work related to US military contracts, and translation of US military standard manuals (specialized books) and contracts for Japanese-English and English-Japanese.

Goal is to translate large amounts of information quickly and efficiently

Bid documents must be created efficiently within a limited timeframe. The deadline for submission is even more delicate. Therefore, it is often the case that the number of translators must be increased. Although the time was shortened by increasing the number of people, differences in terms used and fine expressions would appear. Ultimately, we could not proceed with translation work efficiently due to having to unify terms and expressions as extra work.

Translation workload of 10 people can be done by 3

"We looked at other translation tools, but in the end we selected the most convenient: YarakuZen."

"It's a lot of work with PDF and technical terms, but PDF translates just by dragging and dropping files, and technical terms are managed and used together in a glossary. As a result, the time required for translation has been significantly reduced. "
"Machine translation alone is often enough, and it has become possible to translate efficiently, so we now need only 3 translators when 10 were required before." they emphasized.
And what they expect from YarakuZen is "we don't know all the functions of YarakuZen yet, so we want to use it more and improve productivity." In addition, we received feedback that it would be better if we could deal with technical terms such as roads, and the proofreader being able to manage progress.
We will make further improvements based on your feedback. Thank you very much!