Mie Translation Service

Effective for business! We are a translation company that specializes in Chinese, supporting both Traditional and Simplified Chinese.
Mie Translation Service

Mie Translation Service is a professional Chinese translation company based in Taipei. Our translations help you appeal to your audience with regional Chinese expressions.

Supported languages

Traditional Chinese for Taiwan
Traditional Chinese for Hong Kong
Simplified Chinese for China

Services provided

Chinese translation
Chinese proofreading
Transcription for Chinese audio data
Game localization

Quality management in Taiwan, and the best price for Chinese translation.

All documents translated in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan and China are subject to quality control in Taiwan. We offer the best quality at a reasonable price.

Quality management system

Our quality management is based on the translation quality evaluation guidelines of the Japan Translation Federation (JTF), and we have established a system to ensure that our translation deliverables meet the requirements of our clients and users. By quantifying levels for quality goals every month, we implement continuous improvement.

Standards on translation workflow

In order to maintain quality, we have established detailed standards for both pre- and post-translation process.

Customer satisfaction improvement

We have established management standards for customer response to the translation and localization service we provide (including inquiries and comments) in order for continuous support and improvement. We create analysis and improvement reports upon customer request, and hold briefing sessions on a regular basis.


We have signed NDAs with all workers and set up our own servers to control access rights. We also conclude an NDA with customers prior to serving.