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" YarakuZen the only option for long-term use thanks to its cost and speed"

Nihon Unisys Co., Inc.
Nihon Unisys Co., Inc.
Computer-assisted Translation
Introduction Purpose
Increase customer support efficiency
Cutting cost of translation
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Translation Work becomes Efficient, Productivity improves, Cost is reduced
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Inbound business is picking up

Nihon Unisys Group was founded in 1958, in the early days of computerization, and consistently provides IT services that respond quickly to the needs of the times; as a System Integrator (SIer), it covers a wide range of industries such as finance, manufacturing, distribution, energy, and public social services. We provide consistently high-quality services from "Analysis" to "Solving" of management tasks. In recent years, we also teamed up with travel agencies to expand into inbound business. Samurai Trip (Samurai Trip) ", a medium that disseminates Japanese culture and domestic travel expertise to foreign tourists visiting Japan, has been well received.

In-house translator who was at the limit

"We originally managed media called "Samurai Style" and "Samurai Gourmet" before operating Samurai Trip. It uses SNS to disseminate historical information centering on Japanese food culture and the Warring States era, and is especially popular in Southeast Asia. In the message contents of "Samurai Style" and "Samurai Gourmet", there are many technical terms such as the names of people and places, and translators focused on translating them, which led to the increase in core history fans. However, when managing Samurai Trip, the number of translation projects increased rapidly, and it became unsustainable with only in-house translators." (Miho Takayama, Nihon Unisys Co., Inc.)

Risk of delays in translation results

"As we operate Samurai Trip everyday, many questions come from customers in real time. For example, "I would like to go to O O but I do not know the way" or "What is the recommended route?" and other similar inquiries are received. The important thing here is to provide a response immediately. Foreigners tend to place more importance on inquiries and close contacts on the Web as compared to Japanese. As not all Samurai Trips Customer Support members are able to speak English, it is necessary to outsource such interactions on inquiries. However, if you are an ordinary translation company, it will take time to obtain the translation result, and communication with the customer will not go smoothly. At that time it would be difficult to satisfy customers, so we thought about introducing another Translation Tool. It was for such cases that we introduced YarakuZen." (Nihon Unisys Co., Inc. Yuichiro Kikkawa)

Nihon Unisys Co., Inc.

The compatibility between Japanese history and YarakuZen

"The first thing that seemed attractive was the dictionary saving function. As mentioned earlier, because it is a medium that often deals with technical terms, if you translate persons name or place name with free tools such as Google Translate etc., you will get mistranslations. On the other hand, YarakuZen can machine-translate phrases and words and machine-learn to get customized Machine Translation results based on your preferences. Machine Translation alone is often enough, but especially for sentences that require improved accuracy, you can order Human Translation from YarakuZen and further improve machine quality by improving Translation Quality. And what we are most focused on is speed. As mentioned above, since the quality of the website is decided by customer success, it is important to instantly obtain Machine Translation results and that human-based translation can respond quickly. Also, being easy to operate means anyone can make use of it immediately and you do not need to worry when you hand over the translation project to a successor. YarakuZen is an indispensable Translation Tool for multilingual websites and Customer Support. "(Takayama)