Success Stories

"Our Products Gain high Credibility due to High Translation Accuracy of YarakuZen"

Tas Networks LLC.
Computer-assisted Translation
Introduction Purpose
Multilingualization of Medical questionnaire
Cutting cost of translation
Introduction Effect
Translation Work becomes Efficient, Productivity improves, Cost is reduced
Reference Plan
YarakuZen Company Plan

Learning the experiences on previous disaster

Tas Networks is set up because the emergency assistance of foreign residents who lived in Kobe was not on time during the Great Hanshin-Awaji earthquake. We develop and provide tools that eliminate language barriers in the field of medical care for visually impaired persons, elderly, residents who live in Japan and others who want to solve the communication issue with foreigners. We used to sell emergency medical inquiry sheets and developed PC software. After that, we focused on the development of tablet application with the release of iPad and acquired the patent in 2016. (Patent No. 6058899) No matter whether we sense the danger of natural or man-made disaster, the need for tools offered by Tas Networks is increasing.

Fail is not an option on medical translation

"Since we did not have any translation resources within our company to multilingualize the contents of the emergency medical inquiry sheets, we had all entrusted it to outside translation companies. Since the translation related to medical fields takes priority over its precision, we outsourced all translation work. After that, we decided to reconstitute the contents of the emergency medical inquiry sheets and to increase the number of support languages. Therefore, we considered introducing a translation tool to reduce the cost." (Katsuo Geno, Consultant of Tas Networks)

Improving 21 languages by itself

"We first searched for translation tools on the Internet and started using the free trial of YarakuZens machine translation. At that time, we found no problem in its translation accuracy and speed and started to introduce it due to its less costly pricing compared to other companies. When reconstituting the contents of inquiry sheets, we requested for the revision and translation into 21 languages in YarakuZen. As a result, the cost was reduced compared with the past outsourcing and the translation accuracy was obviously improved. Along with that, our products have gained high credibility due to YarakuZen. "

When you use, you will come to realize

"The attractive point of YarakuZen is its ease of use and reasonable cost of human translation. We currently offer 21 support languages for our medical inquiry sheets and 6 languages for our application. Moreover, we plan to increase the number of languages and develop a mechanism to allow users to freely select their languages. Afterwards, we will continue to use YarakuZen to reduce the translation costs and using other companies systems to cultivate non-medical multilingual markets."