Success Stories

"Apply versatile YarakuZen translation API to various Services"

QREC Lab Corporation
QREC Lab Corporation
Computer-assisted Translation
Introduction Purpose
Translating e-books
Cutting cost of translation
Introduction Effect
Securing new revenue by building a new business model
Reference Plan
Coordination system with YarakuZen translation API

Vitalizing the economy and commumity with IT support.

Qrec Lab builds its own system that meets the needs of various companies and local governments and conducts operation and maintenance management. Currently, in order to respond to the wants to publish e-books utilizing the website from Kyoto Prefecture and the incorporated corporation, we have developed "translation CMS" and support the creation and revitalization of the area. In addition to that, we are developing e-commerce business and marketing business using mobile with a small membership system.

Translation system never before

"Since we did not have a translation mechanism with regard to "translation CMS", we build a collaboration model by incorporating YarakuZens translation API into our own system. The business model is currently being changed to ANA Trading, Kyoto Tower, Fuji Xerox and FamilyMart. "(QREC Lab Representative Seiji Taniguchi)

QREC Lab Corporation

Versatile YarakuZen API

"Currently, as a new initiative, we are coordinating the translation CMS to be used not only in Japanese companies but also in the Asian economic zone. The translation API of YarakuZen is so versatile and attractive that it can be utilized in various forms. We will develop it so that it can become the basic form of the future inbound business model. "