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Using machine translation everyday with overseas offices

Konica Minolta, Inc.
Konica Minolta, Inc.
Multifunction machines
Computer-assisted translation
Introduction Purpose
Translation of internal documents and PR materials
Reduce burden on foreign language-speaking staff
Introduction Effect
Improvement of English ability across the entire team
Reference Plan
YarakuZen Company Plan

Global company with over 40,000 staff worldwide

Konica Minolta Co., Ltd. is a major manufacturer of multifunction devices that has, since establishment, constantly refined it's picture and color-based imaging technology, and has connections with approximately 2 million customers worldwide. With over 40,000 staff worldwide, 70% of it's overseas sales are to other global companies.

Reducing translation burden on foreign language-speaking staff

Due to the global environment, English, Japanese, and the language of each country are used in everything from IR information disseminated outside the company, to sales promotion materials for overseas distributors, to internal communication involves both overseas staff and foreign staff, and also internal materials and presentations. This resulted in staff who were good at foreign languages being burdened with doing the translation for all these documents.

Improving the English ability of the entire team

In the past, machine translation was recognized as not reliable. However, due to the improved quality of AI translation in recent years, AI translation is now being used in various departments such as the Production Planning Department and the Public Relations Department. Machine translation is mainly used for reading overseas mail and writing in-house weekly reports.

As a result, overtime has decreased compared to before, and the team's English ability has improved. We hope that these technologies will keep growing, and communication with overseas will continue to improve.