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Cinarra Systems Japan Ltd.
Cinarra Systems Japan Ltd.
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Posting accurate information with position information

Carrying out the idea of "REAL LIFE. REAL DATA" for the traditional website data, Cinarra Systems, headquartered in Singapore, offers the marketing platform that analyzes and delivers advertisements based on actual consumer behavior data via massive and highly accurate location information. In addition to Japan, we have a local subsidiary in US and Russia and creates a new business platform as a startup that will transform the growing mobile Internet.

Time consuming for character extraction

Since Cinarra Systems is a global company, the company materials are basically in English. Therefore, until now, the person in charge who is good at English translated the material, but when the volume of documents is large, those employees either hardly finished all of them or took too much time. As for the documents, we had a lot of PowerPoint materials, so even if we outsource the translation, it was time-consuming to translate since we need to transform it into texts. However, YarakuZen obtains the machine translation result while preserving the original form just by dragging and dropping the file. The machine translation of YarakuZen is enough for internal materials, and in the case of external documentation, we are using the human translation of YarakuZen. (Hiroshi Ohashi, Administrative Manager, Operation Department Cinarra Systems Japan KK)

Universal design interface

Currently, we are using YarakuZen only at the Japanese branch office, but we plan to introduce it in a global environment in the future. Since the interface is also excellent in operability and universal design, foreign employees can also handle it easily. There are many other translate tools that anyone can use it easily, but only YarakuZen can be used within the company. YarakuZen learns technical terms and industry-specific phrases to improve its translation efficiency, so we would like oversea teams to use it by all means.