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Great for supporting communication during the launch of a new business

Aeon Next Preparatory Corporation
Internet supermarket business
Computer-assisted translation
Introduction Purpose
Translating internal documents and overseas materials
Simplifying translation of large amounts of English material
Introduction Effect
Faster communication with the home country
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YarakuZen Company Plan

Aeon Group's new company created through a business alliance with UK-based Ocado, a major internet supermarket operator with operations around the world.

First of all, could you explain your company to us?

Aeon Next Preparatory Corporation was established last December in 2019 after Aeon Corporation formed a business partnership with Ocado, the UK's leading online supermarket specialist. We are preparing for the construction of Japan's first CFC* with state-of-the-art AI and robotics capabilities and the full-scale launch of our Internet supermarket business by 2023.
*CFC: Customer Fulfilment Center

CFC features state-of-the-art AI algorithms to identify the best delivery route at all times, and the use of robots that operate 24 hours a day to deliver products to customers with greater freshness and efficiency.

Translating large volumes of documents and communications in English is a daily commitment that takes up a lot of my time.

What challenges have you encountered so far?

Until now, we have been using interpreters and free translation software to get the job done. We communicate daily with our partner Ocado and supermarkets around the world. Of course, everything is in English, but due to the volume of documents and communication exchanged daily, it took a lot of time to translate and reply to the client. On top of that, it was hard to translate and then copy and paste into the original format.

Another issue was that, as I'm sure all companies do, we had to ask more and more of our employees who are good at languages, and the burden was getting heavier.

The overwhelming ease of use and the quality of the translation were the deciding factors in adopting this service.

What were the reasons for choosing YarakuZen?

First of all, I found it very easy to use. The other reason was that YarakuZen was able to use the DeepL engine for high translation accuracy. YarakuZen comes standard with the DeepL engine, so the ease of access was a big draw.

Communication speed has increased between foreign countries, using along with team members.

What kind of effect do you feel since the introduction of the system?

It is easy to use, even for people who are not familiar with English, so anyone can be entrusted with the translation work, knowing that YarakuZen can do a good job. With the faster translation process, we are able to reply to overseas customers more quickly and communication is becoming smoother.

What do you think about YarakuZen?

Because of the breadth of work we do, whether it's robots in the factory, contract talk, digital marketing, or communication to drivers, we feel that only YarakuZen can provide timely translations that work for everyone.

I can register my company's terminology and frequently used words in advance, and then edit them each time I translate and they will be reflected in the next translation, which makes the translation process much more efficient. When I didn't register the term, "Aeon" was translated as "negative ion", but if you register the term, it will be translated as "Aeon" next time. It's also great because you can download with the translation results replaced in the original format, so you don't have to copy and paste them.

We all want to continue to make use of it.