August 16, 2021

v3.8.0 Update


More convenient, easier to use.

Thank you for your continued support for YarakuZen.
We released a new version (v3.8.0) of our application.

【New Features】
1. Expansion of sharing feature

 Now users can share their translation documents with anyone! 

2. Company Plan is now more convenient
 A new "Starter 3" plan that for 3 users
 Removal of data storage fee

3. Updated Personal Plan
 Translation documents can now be shared with anyone (available for both Free and Premium Plan)
 Technical Support is now available for Premium Plan
 Price revision and change of some limits  

4. Easier to get quotations and place orders with translation agencies.

5. Filter data by Company Category 
1. Expansion of sharing feature
Users can share their translation documents with anyone!

With the current sharing function, documents can only be shared in one direction, from company users to translation managers. After this update, it will be possible to share documents with anyone. 
* Sharing will now be available for free account users who are not in a company account.

For example 
"Translation manager wants to request translation edits from a company user."  
"Company users in a team want to share the final translation among other team members." 
"I want to share the translated document to people outside of the company." 
"I want to share documents without being concerned about the contract plan." 

From now on, YarakuZen will allow any user to share documents with anyone! 

* If you are a Company Plan user, it is possible to change settings so that sharing is not allowed outside of the company account.
Company Admins can change settings on the "Settings > Company Admin > Settings" page. (Sharing is restricted by default)

Also, sharing a document to someone without a YarakuZen account will prompt them to signup by creating a free account.

2. Company Plan is more convenient.

(1) "Starter 3" plan for 3 people is added 
 A new "Starter 3" plan for 3 users is added alongside our original starter plan (for 5 users).
This new plan is suitable for companies that want to test out YarakuZen with only a few people first. Sign up for a free trial now!


(2) Removal of translation data storage fee 
Previously, if the maximum number of document / phrases / glossary saved is exceeded, an additional fee was required for the extra data storage. Now, we are offering unlimited data storage. 

"The company admin instructed me to only save data within the storage limits." 
"I only import terms for the current translation document so as not to exceed the upper limit." 
"Because there is an upper limit, it is necessary for me to go through and select terms for importing, but I do not have time" 

These points are no longer a concern, freely customize your translations now!

3. Update of Personal Plan
(1) Translation documents can be shared with anyone (including for Free / Premium Plan)
You can now form a team for each project and work on translation, both within the company and with users outside. 
For example, students can work on one translation project as a team by seminar or group. 

(2) Technical Support is now available for Premium Plan
Previously, Personal and Premium Plans were not supported, but after this update, support is available for Premium Plan users. If you are using our Premium Plan and have any questions or concerns regarding using YarakuZen, you can now contact us by email. (Weekdays 10: 00-17: 00 JST) 

(3) Price revision and changes to various restrictions (see figure below)
If you are currently on the Free plan, upgrade to the Premium Plan at the price below before August 13. If you're thinking of upgrading, don't miss out and do it soon!     

>>Click here to upgrade to a premium plan.
4. Easier quotations and orders from translation agencies.
The estimate and order functions have been reworked!
"Translation Service", a marketplace specializing in post-editing, has been reworked. This service can reduce translation costs by up to 90% while maintaining professional quality and collaborating with translation agencies. It is possible to get multiple quotes from translation agencies with a single click in YarakuZen. With this update, you can also place an order, all with a single click.

"I want my documents checked by professional translators after translating with machine translation"
“I do not have time to wait for multiple quotes”

5 features of YarakuZen "Translation Service" specializing post-editing

1. High speed, high quality, low cost is achieved through "automatic translation + editing" process.

2. You can reduce order volume by ordering by "sentence unit" instead of "document unit".

3. You can set translation process & translators according to required quality, budget and delivery date.

4. All processes required to order translation is integrated on our platform.

5. You can have trust and peace of mind by working through translation agencies, with their high security systems and confidentiality.
<Note> Translation Service is only available for YarakuZen Company Account users.
5. Filter data by Company Category
When managing Company Documents, Company Phrases, and Company Glossaries with our Category function, saved translation data can be displayed by category. That way, you can check and organize what data is stored under which category.