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SJK International Inc.

With over 90 languages supported and 1 million characters translated every month, we provide high quality translations by specializing in several fields

SJK International translates in over 90 languages. In particular, we provide high-quality, professional translations in a variety of fields: finance, legal affairs, investor relations and PR, manuals and technical documents, websites, medicine, academic papers, patents and videos. We respond flexibly to customer requests and provide high value-added translation services.

Services provided


・Translation and localization

・Audiovisual translation

・Native check

・Multilingual DTP service


With a monthly translation volume of more than 1 million characters and 800,000 words on a continuous basis, we are capable of translating a wide variety of documents in the following specialized fields

Finance / Legal & Contracts / IR / Manuals & Technical documents

Websites & Home pages/ Pharmaceuticals / Patents / Real estate

Supported languages


SJK International's multilingual translation services are available for over 90 different languages. High quality localization is achieved by working with highly specialized partners, not only in languages used by businesses in many countries and regions, but also in languages specific to one region.

In order to provide accurate and sophisticated translations in all languages in line with local business practices, we have established a rigorous proofreading and reviewing system to ensure that the appropriate guidelines and terminology are consistent in the target documents. The translation is delivered in such a way that it can be used as is without the need for the customer to review the quality.

Quality (Quality management initiatives)


Translators and proofreaders with more than five years of translation experience who are well versed in the industry of the requested field are responsible for the actual translation work, which is then double-checked by a full-time coordinator.

Before delivery, we carefully check that the terminology, expressions, and guidelines are appropriate for the region in question and that they comply with the guidelines, so that the customer can use translation without the need of review.


・All manuscripts and information we receive from customers will be handled with care and in accordance with our strict confidentiality policy.

・We have signed non-disclosure agreements with all of our personnel.

・Your important information will never be disclosed outside of the parties concerned.

・If necessary, data files can be encrypted for management.