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Explore the flexibility and various applications of YarakuZen

File Formats

We support Office, PDF, CSV, HTML, and TXT files.

  • WordWord
  • ExcelExcel
  • PowerpointPowerpoint

For TMS (Translation Management System)

From our translation management system, you can import/export your translation memory and terms.
(Import/Export function is exclusive to Company Plan Translation Managers.)


Translation Engine

You can select the most context-appropriate translation engine for each translation document.
Choose from Google Translate, Microsoft Translator, DeepL engine, and Everyone's Translation@KI.

Google Translate

A machine translation engine developed by Google Inc. It supports a diverse number of languages and provides world-class translation quality and speed.

Microsoft Translate

A translation engine developed by Microsoft Corporation. Of YarakuZen's supported languages, Mongolian, Myanmar, and Tagalog not available.


DeepL is a German-based deep learning company that develops AI systems for language.
Supported languages are English, Japanese, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, and Chinese(Simplified).

NICT General NICT Patent NICT Legal NICT Finance

This is a paid option that can only be used with our Company Plan.
Kawamura NMT is developed by National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT). You can choose from 5 engine types: General, Patent, Legal documents, Finance(IR/Disclosure)and Financial Services. (Provided by Kawamura International Co., Ltd.)

Usage Option Price List (Monthly)
(Unit: Yen)

Starter Small Medium Large Enterprise
No. of Users 3~5 15 30 100 300
Translation Engine General 15,000 30,000 45,000 60,000 100,000
Patent 18,000 36,000 54,000 72,000 120,000
Legal documents 18,000 36,000 54,000 72,000 120,000
Finance(IR/Disclosure) 5,000 10,000 15,000 20,000 33,000
Financial Services 5,000 10,000 15,000 20,000 33,000

・ The number of users and the price are determined according to the YarakuZen plan in use. (There is currently no plan to use with only some users)

・ If you plan to use more than “Extra Large”, the on-premise version or API, please contact our staff.

Supported Languages

General Japanese⇔ English, Chinese (Simplified / Traditional), Korean, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Indonesian, Thai, Myanmar, Arabic, Italian, Russian
English⇔ Japanese, Chinese (Simplified / Traditional), Korean, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Thai, Myanmar, Russian, Italian, Arabic
Patent Japanese⇔ English, Chinese (Simplified / Traditional), Korean, German, French
English⇔ Chinese (Simplified / Traditional), German, French
Legal documents Japanese⇔ English
Financial Services
Japanese⇔ English


"Yaraku Dictionary", "Genius Dictionary", "Financial Information English-Japanese Dictionary" and the "Nichigai Dictionary" can be referenced simultaneously.
When editing a translation, YarakuZen automatically matches source text with dictionary data and shows related dictionary entries. You can check meanings, explanations, and example sentences of various terms. This saves you having to look up terms one by one from other resources, greatly increasing your productivity. It can be added on a company account basis. For example, if you are subscribed to the Starter 5 plan and want to add the Nichigai Dictionary - Medical to all users, the price will be ¥500/user x 5 users = ¥2,500/month.

Yaraku Dictionary

Yaraku Dictionary

Japanese-English open-source data can be used as a dictionary package.
This is automatically included with YarakZen, and anyone can use it for free.

  • Japanese-English & English-Japanese: Approximately 85,000 words.
  • Number of example sentences: Approximately 100,000.
Genius English-Japanese Dictionary Genius Japanese-English Dictionary

Genius Dictionary MX 2nd Edition (English-Japanese & Japanese-English)

A newly revised version of the Daishukan Bookstore MX dictionary, now standard for digital dictionaries.
Based on the "Genius English-Japanese Dictionary", the description has been restructured with an emphasis on ease of viewing and usability on the display.

  • English-Japanese Dictionary: About 89,000 words.
  • Japanese-English Dictionary: About 69,000 words and 84,000 examples.
  • Condenses necessary information at "reading" to help you understand the meaning quickly.
  • For key words, includes examples to the conventional MX dictionary.
  • Composite words and derivatives can be searched in the same way as core words.
  • Necessary elements such as phonetic symbols, grammatical notes, sentence patterns, etc., also necessary for "reading" are displayed as they are in "Genius English-Japanese Dictionary 4th Edition".

Provided by: Taishukan Bookstore

Sanseido Dictionary

Financial Information English-Japanese Dictionary

The first English-Japanese dictionary specializing in reading and writing English quarterly and annual financial reports.
A must-have volume for business people and students studying business and economics. Presents a wide range of examples, including translations, and presents many real-life examples and sample uses.

  • The first English-Japanese dictionary specializing in reading and writing English quarterly and annual financial reports.
  • Present a wide range of examples, including translation, and enhance the references.
  • Contains about 13,000 entries and includes many real examples and sample uses.
  • Japanese-English index is included.

Provided by: Sanseido

Nichigai Dictionary - Medical

Nichigai Dictionary - Medical

A dictionary of bilingual technical terms in the medical field. Contains medical, pharmaceutical, and related terms used in medical literature from domestic and foreign dictionaries and glossaries.

  • Contains 216,716 English-Japanese terms and 201,314 Japanese-English terms (257,871 parallel entries).
  • Copyright: Medical AI Dictionary Kenkyukai

Provided by: Nichigai Associates

Nichigai Dictionary - Architecture/Construction

Nichigai Dictionary - Architecture/Civil Engineering

Japanese-English parallel dictionary of terms used in architecture and civil engineering.
The fields covered include architecture, civil engineering, mining metallurgy, building materials, environmental engineering, soil engineering, concrete, steel, aluminum, and drafting.

  • Contains 97,957 terms (Japanese-English parallel)
  • Copyright:Nichigai Associates

Provided by: Nichigai Associates

Nichigai Dictionary - BioMedical

Nichigai Dictionary - BioMedical

A collection of technical terms used in the bio-medical field. The areas covered include medical science, life science, zoology, biotechnology, botany, genetics, pharmacy, psychology, biotechnology, dentistry, welfare equipment, medical radiation, medical electricity, and physiology.

  • Contains 223,548 terms (Japanese-English parallel)
  • Copyright:Nichigai Associates

Provided by: Nichigai Associates

Nichigai Dictionary - Electrical/Electronic

Nichigai Dictionary - Electrical/Electronic/IT

A collection of technical terms in the electrical, computer, and information technology fields. Gathered from computer terminology, information processing, information communication, quality control, measurement engineering, thermal power generation, nuclear power, optics, electrical engineering, electronic equipment, CAD, electronic measurement integrated circuit, arithmetic operation, graphic processing, LAN, electroplating, system audit and other related fields.

  • Contains 178,022 terms (Japanese-English parallel)
  • Copyright:Nichigai Associates

Provided by: Nichigai Associates

Nichigai Dictionary - Mechanical Engineering

Nichigai Dictionary - Mechanical Engineering

Collection of technical terms used in the mechanical and engineering fields. Indispensable when doing technical and practical translation. Covers mechanical engineering, measurement engineering, nuclear engineering, system audit, machine design, production management, energy management, thermal power generation, crane, conveyor, industrial sewing machine, household sewing machine, automobile, railway, shipbuilding, aviation, flight mechanics, printing, wind power generation, CAD, metal processing, etc.

  • Contains 172,482 terms (Japanese-English parallel)
  • Copyright:Nichigai Associates

Provided by: Nichigai Associates

Nichigai Dictionary - Chemistry/Agriculture

Nichigai Dictionary - Chemical/Agriculturul

The fields covered include chemistry, agriculture, animals, plants, plastics, paper/pulp, paints, fibers, analytical chemistry, rubber, surface activity, and elements.

  • Contains 114,140 terms (Japanese-English parallel)
  • Copyright:Nichigai Associates

Provided by: Nichigai Associates

Nichigai Dictionary - Saito

Nichigai DCS Saito Dictionary

A revised and updated edition of the Saito Japanese-English Dictionary first published in 1928. With a new typeface and modern kana, this dictionary boasts over 50,000 entries and 150,000 example sentences. Includes a number of unique Japanese expressions that are difficult to translate in English, such as haiku, waka, Chinese poetry, Toyo Hen, and popular lyrics.

  • Contains 50,000 terms (Japanese to English)
  • Copyright:Nichigai Associates

Provided by: Nichigai Associates

Reference: Nichigai Associates Translation Books


You can automate the translation process of your website or your own system by incorporating YarakuZen's translation API. (Paid option)

API Flow
  • Main applications: Multilingual site operation, integration into multilingual services, internal group
  • In addition to automatic translation, you can also use various translation functions such as ordering, quotation, etc.
  • Price is on a quotation basis. Depending on the estimated amount, it is also possible to charge by a fixed monthly fee.

API Documentation for Developers

API User Examples


Sato, Inc.

We are developing "InboundWorks MultiLingual", a multilingual information service for foreigners visiting Japan, using the translation API of YarakuZen. More details here


Mandarake Co., Ltd.

With the translation API, we can smoothly translate and update product information added daily. With that, we succeeded in multilingualizing our EC site. More details here



YarakuStick(β) is a portable voice translator that can be used with one hand. Translation is done through our original online translation tool YarakuZen and then displayed, along with the spoken source, as text on the display.
A key feature is that you just need to set the spoken source language and the desired translation output through the touch screen at the start of the conversation. After that, throughout the conversation or meeting, voice recognition will pick up the speakers' words and the Stick will translate and display it as text.
Your typical voice translation application or device will only begin translation after a person finishes speaking or presses a button. In contrast, YarakuStick(β) will begin the translation process while a person is speaking and keep going. Therefore, even if the speaker is interrupted or trails off, translation will keep up to that point and display it as text letting other people understand the context.
Yaraku Stick website:


Plugins for WordPress and Concrete 5 are available. (Paid option)

Wordpress Plugin

WordPress plugin

By installing our YarakuZen plugin in your Wordpress account, one button click will send your editing content (pages/posts) to YarakuZen for translation. Once you're done translating, the edited text will be sent back to your WordPress page at the push of a button.
By seamlessly linking WordPress and YarakuZen, you are freed from repeated copy-and-pasting of conventional content making it easy to focus on regular multilingual transmission. More details here


Concrete 5 Plugin - Estimate

If you install the YarakuZen plug-in to your Concrete5 account, the contents you are editing (pages / posts) will be sent to YarakuZen with a single button and you will be able to translate and edit. In addition, the text will be sent back to WordPress with a single button after translation is complete.
By seamlessly linking Concrete5 and YarakuZen, you are freed from repeated copy-and-pasting of conventional content making it easy to focus on regular multilingual transmission. More details here

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