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Professional translation

When you need premium quality translations or are contending with highly technical content, we're pleased to offer you our Professional translation services.

Applications of the translation and the most suitable translation method


Three advantages of Professional translation


1. Specialized professional translators and the verification process

For Professional translations, our translation coordinator reviews your documents and assigns your project to the most suitable translator. A second translator then reviews and verifies the translation for accuracy before being released to you.


2. Guaranteed delivery time

The delivery time for your translation is determined when we consult with you and is 100% guaranteed.


3. Follow-up period

In the two weeks following your translation, we are standing by to answer your questions and address any issues you may have regarding your translation.

Prices and ordering

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For English → Japanese and Japanese → English:

As with crowdsourced translation, you can order by clicking "Order Translation" on the edit page.

For other languages:

In the YarakuZen menu bar, click "Evaluate Professional translation cost" and fill in the required information.*1
A coordinator from YarakuZen will review your documents and contact you by email or telephone.

Depending on the language of the source text, the cost is ¥20 per word or ¥15 per character (in case of Chinese, Japanese and Korean).*2
The number of words/characters will be counted and the translation cost will be calculated.

*1: The "Evaluate Professional translation cost" button is only visible to Company Plan users.
*2: Price per unit may be higher for technical documents requiring a specialist.

Read here to learn more about how to order Professional translation

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