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YarakuZen is an online software that makes doing business in foreign languages easier. You can upload documents to your account to conveniently edit them and save the correct translations. YarakuZen remembers which phrases you edit, so the more you use YarakuZen, the more accurate the automatic translations become.

For those who:
・ are not satisfied with pure machine translation,
・ wish to create documents for foreign audiences,
・ do not want to depend on a translation company,
YarakuZen can solve your problems.

When you machine translate Japanese e-mails, but the meaning doesn’t get through…

An e-mail came from a Japanese client. You translated it through a machine translator, but the meaning gets lost.


Optimize the accuracy of the machine translator
with your personal input.

With YarakuZen, you can personally edit the faulty parts of the automatic translation, and as you edit the phrases, they will be saved into your personal account. You can use the saved phrases to make translating faster and more accurate.

When you have to translate documents to your target language by the next day, yet you have no time to spare…

When you use machine translation to create materials in Japanese, but it takes time to copy the text from the documents and format it. It seems likely that you can’t pass the deadline…


You can easily drag and drop files
to change them to the target language!

You can upload many file types into YarakuZen, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. You are not confined to copying only the text from the document. As you upload files, YarakuZen will translate their contents. You can directly download the Japanese version of your file.

It takes a lot of resources to depend on a translation company…

Searching for translators, making sure they are qualified, evaluating the cost, etc.. The process consumes a lot of time and money.


With one click, 40,000 translators from around the world
can quickly do the job.

YarakuZen allows you to crowdsource your translations. Once you choose the document and the level of quality of the translation (between high, medium and low), YarakuZen displays the cost and estimated completion time. 40,000 translators are ready to serve you at any given time.

It takes time and effort to switch between using online translation software and online dictionaries…

Whenever you start translating, you can’t avoid opening a lot of tabs to look for the best solution…


You can check both dictionary entries
as well as example sentences within one tab!

It is easy to edit translatable documents with YarakuZen. The side panel features both dictionary entries as well as example sentences, so you can easily edit and finish your translation within one tab.


Feels like raising a child.(Dimage Share Inc., Mr. Fukuoka)

I use YarakuZen to translate Japanese articles into English and release them as news in our company's media site. Thanks to YarakuZen, it takes me up to an hour to translate texts that would otherwise take half a day. The more I use YarakuZen, the smarter it gets, so the amount of text I have to edit after using machine translation gradually decreases. Saving phrases feels like raising a child, and we believe it is a unique feature that sets this service apart from others.