August 03, 2020

World's Highest Level Machine Translation "DeepL Engine" Now Available on YarakuZen

-Providing translations that better meet user needs-


Starting today, with "YarakuZen", you can now use the DeepL translation engine developed by German deep learning frim DeepL. (Company Plan only)


From the company's Linguee translation search engine, more than a billion translation pairs were gathered as training data. With that, the DeepL neural network which distinguishes fine nuances and contextual flows can produce high quality, natural translations. These translation also scored the highest against scientific testing benchmarks.

In addition, following the highest standards for data protection, the text is erased immediately after the translation is completed, so you can use it with confidence in sensitive documents.

Until now, YarakuZen had 3 different engines that could be used: Google Translate, Microsoft Translator, and Everyone's Translation @KI. With the addition of DeepL as a new option, users have more choices to find the engine that would best suit their translation field and language.

Yaraku's mission is being "a leading translation platform company that eliminates foreign language concerns". Starting with YarakuZen, we will continue to support the promotion of foreign language communication and productivity improvement in business.