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System Integration

System integration with YarakuZen

When you integrate YarakuZen's API with your system, you've got the power to automate translations for your websites and other applications right at your fingertips. Edits are a breeze and you can easily create new content for translation.

Examples of use

  • Automating product data translations within your API
  • Using YarakuZen to create foreign language versions of your website
  • Ordering translation for text within the company's collaborative software (groupware)


Effortlessly translate your website to other languages
Effortlessly translate your website to other languages

By using YarakuZen, you can translate text seamlessly.
Our translation system can automatically update your translations with ease.

Using crowdsourced translation and manually editing text
Using crowdsourced translation and manually editing text

With YarakuZen, you can order crowdsourced translation. Plus, you have full control to manually edit and update your translation to suit your needs. Choose the best combination of machine translation, crowdsourced translation and manual editing to come up with the most productive solution for you.

Complete support for users like you
Complete support for users like you

Integrate YarakuZen with your system to translate e-commerce sites, online tools, community sites and other assets into a foreign language. Imagine the possibilities of reaching a new audience with your business offering.


SATO Corporation

Use YarakuZen Translation API to develop the multilingual information providing service, InboundWorks MultiLingual, targeting at inbound foreign tourists.

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Mandarake Inc.

Commodity information added and updated day by day is timely translated by utilizing translation API. The multilingualization of our in-house E-commerce sites has been succeeded.

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The cost is estimated based on the number of characters and the nature of the content. It is possible to pay by a monthly fee.

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