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For Business

If your business handles large amounts of data, YarakuZen wants to make it more effective.
By combining machine and human translation, YarakuZen gives you the accuracy and speed you need at a fraction of the price of traditional translation methods.

Goal: Increase business efficiency
Use YarakuZen as a team

data sharing

By sharing documents and translation data with colleagues, YarakuZen can transform the way your team works. Here's how:

  • Increasing productivity decreases work time
  • Improving the ability to correspond with customers
  • Collecting and reusing translation data reduces costs
  • Better inter-lingual communication improves teamwork and morale
  • Providing more and diverse employee language skills

Instantly fulfill foreign language tasks.

Goal: Translate large volumes of documents
Translate fast. Keep costs low.

combination of human and machine for better translation

Translate large volumes of documents on-time and on-budget. Combine auto-translation and crowdsourced translation to optimize the balance between translation time, costs and quality.

  • Product data for E-commerce sites
  • Restaurant/SPA/etc. menus
  • News articles and journals
  • Traveller reviews
  • Addresses and other location data
  • Other types of large-scale information

This service is for businesses that wish to translate a lot of data to other languages

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