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User Guide

Translating Documents

Drag and drop files of various formats, such as Word, Excel and PDF, to translate them with YarakuZen. Upload a file and click on Start Translation to instantly translate the text within your file without changing the format and layout. If you wish to translate a file with a unsupported format, first convert the file to one of the supported formats.

Supported file formats:

  • Word (.docx)
  • Excel (.xlsx)
  • PowerPoint (.pptx)
  • CSV (.csv)
  • PDF (.pdf)
  • HTML (.html)
main screen of YarakuZen

Besides dragging and dropping files, you can directly type in a text in the text box and translate it by clicking Start Translation.

  • In the case of PDF files, the layout and format cannot be saved.
  • In the case of PDF files, the within the file text can only be translated if it is saved as text data.
  • If the number of characters exceeds the maximum limit, please separate it into several files.

Editing translations

Depending on the desired quality, volume, deadline and requested languages, you can choose the best translation method.
You can either   (A.) translate yourself, (B.) order translation, or (C.) order translation and edit it yourself.

side panel of YarakuZen

A. When translating yourself

Using the right hand side panel for reference, you can edit documents yourself.

  • After editing, press Enter or click the checkbox to save a part of text.
  • Select text from the source document to look it up on YarakuZen, Google and Wikipedia with just one click.
  • Click on the Source tab to view the source file. Click on Preview tab to see the resulting translated document.
order panel of YarakuZen

B. Order translation

Click on Order Translation in the upper middle of the page.

  • You can personally choose which parts to translate as well as modify parts with Complete Match and Partial Match to reduce costs.
  • If you wish to translate high-profile documents, please choose Business level translation.
  • Html tags will be counted as one character each, starting from the opening bracket (<) up to the closing bracket (>)
parallel view and order panel of YarakuZen

C. Using crowdsourced translation and then editing the document yourself

If you order translation, comparing translating everything yourself to ordering everything, the cost and speed can vary greatly.
First personally edit phrases that are Complete Match and Partial Match status. Then order Casual translation for all parts except Confirmed ones. Once translation is complete, review and edit the text.

  • Since the quality of Standard level translation is better than Casual, if you wish to save more time and effort, choose Standard.
  • If you check "Attach original file" when ordering the translation, you can receive an better translation.

Finishing up the translation

「You can download the file by clicking on Download.
Open the downloaded file and, if needed, adjust the layout and design as needed to finish up.

botton for downloading files

Editing the layout
After downloading the file, depending on the font and text size etc., it might be advisable to adjust the layout.

  • In many cases, if you translate from East Asian languages (Japanese/Chinese/Korean) to languages that use Latin letters (English, Spanish, etc.), you can get the same text size if you make it 20% smaller and vice versa.
  • If the downloaded file's text becomes garbled up, it is likely because the font is not compatible with the target language. Change the font to make it appear properly.

User Guide

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