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Success Stories

Use YarakuZen for Translation related to Premium Outlets

Mitsubishi Estate · Simon Corporation
Mitsubishi Estate · Simon Corporation
Real Estate / Leisure
Computer-assisted Translation
Introduction Purpose
Improve the Efficiency of Translation of Websites and Installations
Speed ​​up Human Translation & Unify all Translations
Introduction Effect
Translation Work becomes Efficient, Productivity improves, Cost is reduced
Reference Plan
YarakuZen Company Plan

Premium Outlets crowded with Foreign Tourists who visiting Japan

Mitsubishi Estate · Simon gathers prestigious domestic and overseas brands together and develops "Premium Outlets" at nine locations in Japan that offer unusual shopping experiences in a American-style resorts with an atmosphere of openness. Mikako Kato, who works at Marketing Department, is in charge of business such as attracting inbound and setting up acceptance environment so that those tourists from overseas to Japan will have a shopping experience at Premium Outlets. The outlets in Gotemba and Rinku are comfortable for tourists to visit and often crowed with foreigners. At the outlets in Kobe Mita and Toki, inbound visitors are also increasing.

Difficulty found in Translation into Chinese / Thai

"In order to provide hospitality and comfortable shopping environment for overseas customers, we provide languages ​​of each country in websites, installations, sale information, etc. Recently, in addition to the Chinese and English speakers, the number of ASEAN tourists such as Thai is also increasing and we expects that there are more customers from other countries in upcoming years. In such cases, the translation into other languages becomes a severe issue, because there are fewer translators of those languages compared to English translators, which leads to more time to finish the tasks. If one work is distributed to different translators, the contents might be discrepant. Translation work is an important point in inbound attraction, so we started using YarakuZen when we seek for a more efficient method."

Mitsubishi Estate · Simon Corporation

Speed & Quality of Translation determine YarakuZen Introduction

"In my team, the lead time from planning to implementation is short, so we plan and test the products simultaneously. Therefore, we do not have sufficient time or labor spent on translation work. In addition, since the mistranslation of the products at our outlets directly leads to troubles, we were looking for a tool with a mechanism to instruct translation nuances.

YarakuZens human translation has no fluctuation in delivery time for each language, and its delivery is pretty fast. The detailed instruction of translation and the proofreading function in the same page are extremely useful for improvement of translation quality. Moreover, since human translation data reflect on machine translation, the efficiency of translating work can be improved. YarakuZen is indispensable for translating linguistic expressions on outlets, as it acquires the best translation solution by combining machine and human, from small-scale cases to big deals. "

Mitsubishi Estate · Simon Corporation

Manage Translation Cases both Remotely and Collarably

"We found it is still essential to double-check the translation for customer-oriented materials by people; however, YarakuZen simplified the process, and the issues such as mistranslation at the work site decreased. We can select the level of human translation depending on the types of documents. As for the translation of important documents such as press releases, we request the orders of professional translation; as for the translation of a bunch of words or phrases, we request the orders of standard translation. Consequently, we can reduce the cost of translation and customize the translation result easily by ourselves.

Afterward, we plan to upgrade YarakuZen to Company Plan that enables multiple accounts to work in a team in order to manage and adjust translation projects simultaneously as site personnel in each place. Since we can utilize and refer to our companys terminology and documents separated from personal ones, it would be better to manage translation projects remotely. "

Mitsubishi Estate · Simon Corporation