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We would like to announce our upcoming seminar to be held on June 24th.

◆ Seminar on AI translation trends◆

In the seminar, we will discuss the quality, usage, and security of various translation engine such as Google Translate, DeepL, and NICT.

Masaru Yamada, the co-author of "Machine Translation Taizen" and a professor at Rikkyo University, will answer these questions: Is the quality of AI translation good enough to use for business? How can we use it effectively? Is confidential information properly secured?"


“Yaraku-Jin”, a series that introduces Yaraku is now online. It will feature the people deeply involved with Yaraku and YarakuZen, such as our team members who work at Yaraku, customers who use YarakuZen, and partner companies that collaborate with Yaraku.

As the first interviewee, we gladly welcome Shinichiro Tamaki, who was appointed outside director of Yaraku, Inc. in April 2021.











Thank you for using YarakuZen. This is Aya Yamasaki from Yaraku, Inc.

On Thursday, June 10th 2021, we will be hosting an online user meeting exclusively for YarakuZen users. We held our first online user meeting in March, which was attended by a large number of users.